I don’t imagine you want to spend too much time reading about managing finances when you could be sipping on strawberry mojitos so let’s make this quick and short.

First thing’s first, DRAW UP A BUDGET and most importantly, stick to it. Include the things that you love/make you happy so you don’t feel bad about getting them when you do.
SHOPS GET SMART WITH RETAIL TRICKS, RECOGNIZE AND AVOID THEM. “Save 50 when you spend 800” only benefits one of the two people involved in the transaction and it’s not you.
AVOID LAST MINUTE TRAVEL PLANS. Prices are hiked ridiculously during this season (outside of the specials). Rather opt to travel mid-January when rates have dropped significantly.
Gift giving, rewarding as it is, should be monitored very closely. It’s easy to go overboard beacuse these are people we love, SECRET SANTA is a great way to avoid this.
It’s December, unexpected expenses will pop up so make provision for it. Have a SHORT TERM EMERGENCY fund because honey, there’s nothing worse than a financial hangover.

Finance professional, Lahya Haininga | http://www.ndapanda.co

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