I haven’t made new year resolutions since 2016 or at least I haven’t called them that for a long time. I’ve instead set out “goals” that would help me be or change whatever it is I wanted to change. I also don’t wait for the new year to start making those changes, I set them out as soon as I realise I need to.

Last year I (re) joined the gym in June because I felt I had gained some weight and wanted it off. I wanted to change something so I did.

Even though I don’t use January 1st to make changes in my life, the world literally resets on that day and there’s no greater feeling than knowing you can start over and do things differently.

I use the month of December to reflect and see how far I’ve come, what I’ve accomplished and then set out new goals and plans on how I can do better (If I need to).

What I’ve done the past two years is fill in this goal prompt below:

Source: @jenatkin’s Instagram

This “diagram” has allowed me to make reliable conscious goals. Some of the goals I have set out are that; (I’m only telling you guys this so that you can hold me accountable, lol)

In 6 months I’d like to weigh 65 kgs (BE), have purchased my first car (HAVE), have done more gestures of gratitude and appreciation for my friends and family that include gifts and hosting lunches/dinners etc (DO).

I’d also like to do a solo workation trip to Swakopmund for a week so I added that as a recreational goal. I know happiness is a journey and not a destination but I added (BE:) “happy” to remind me that all in all, whatever unfolds; I’d like to be happy and content.

I added a whole lot of things on health, career and recreational goals that I probably add every year, like eating healthier, trying out yoga, meditating, getting medical check ups. That sort of stuff.

For personal goals; I added that I’d like to read at least one book a month and that I’d like to reconnect and work on my relationships with people I care about, who I may have neglected in the past.

Anyway, I think it’s a good two page of everything I am manifesting into my life.

I WILL be intentionally and consciously working at achieving the content of those two pages, knowing that in the end I WILL be the best version of myself for me and every one around me.

What are some of your goals? Do you believe in New Year Resolutions?

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