Remember the never-ending list of things I’ve always wanted to try out? Well, the “oh so glorified” Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) detox had been repinned to my Pinterest board more than once. 7 to be exact: 3 under Hair Care and 4 times for detox purposes.

And just like that, without any hesitation or prior research, I decided to try it out. I mean, what’s the worst that can happen?

I knew we had some ACV, for cooking purposes, which made it that much easier- being JanUworry and all. So I jumped right into it and committed to trying out this sought after detox for 10 days straight. And to hold myself accountable- I posted my morning routine up on my Instagram story. (check out my highlights)

Wow, what an experience that was. The posting. The comments, the feedback, the suggestions, the curiosity, the interaction,… I loved it! It felt as if we’ were doing this together.

Anyway, back to the 10 Day Detox

Day 1

I poured two tablespoons of ACV into a glass of chilled, boiled water but before I could even attempt to drink it- the aggressive odour hit me right in the face! It was overwhelming. I pinched my nose and downed it. I gagged a few times and almost chickened out but couldn’t because I was doing it for the gram.

To my surprise (lack of research rather) I was doing it wrong, according to my followers. 1. I was using the wrong ACV. The correct one being: Raw, Unfiltered and With The ‘Mother.’ 2. I was using way too much, the suggested serving is two teaspoons.

Correct ACV

Day 2

They suggested that I add either honey, lemon or green tea for taste. Also I was urged to drink it cooled down, through a straw as the acid could be quite harmful to your teeth. At this point, I Googled it (finally some research) and it is true. I also learned that it is best to have your morning ACV drink before brushing your teeth.

I was all systems go, shortly after my morning ACV, like literally, I had a proper New Year’s cleanse. Soft and flowy. (ewww, I know right)

Days 3, 4 and 5

My system was back to its normal state. No noticeable changes on Day 3, besides a massive headache, which I thought was unrelated as I am migraine prone. By Day 4, I didn’t mind the taste of the ACV. It actually grew on me, probably because of the flavoured Green Tea I infused.

I did however notice that I wasn’t hungry, like I had no urge to eat or snack, I constantly felt full. I now understand how this ACV detox can help with weight loss. I could go the entire day without eating, unintentionally of course, but would get the worst headache. This was because I wasn’t eating. So I had to actively remind myself to eat, even though the desire to do wasn’t apparent.

During the last 5 days, I switched things up a bit. I added various weight loss ingredients to the mix each day and had it at different times. I tried incorporating it into my day, as opposed to just having it in the morning, on an empty tummy.

To my usual ACV Green Tea water, I added fruits, lemon juice and honey the one day, cinnamon and cayenne the next day (I did not like the textural taste of this combination at all). I even added ACV to my grapefruit juice (preference) as a cold drink.

All in all I think it gets the job done, regardless of how one chooses to consume it. I would however advice against taking actual shots of it, straight out the bottle (like you would Tequila) it is extremely overwhelming and could be dangerous.

Now for my verdict. I don’t see anything wrong with incorporating a little ACV into your lifestyle. It suppressed my appetite and helped with my digestion. I had a happy tummy. I wish I had weighed myself before starting, to see if it had any positive effects, but oh well.

One actually gets used to the taste of the ACV after a while. I am not 100% sure if this has anything to do with the ACV, but I was noticeably more energetic and I loved it.

Did I detox? Yes! Like a baby.

Will I continue using ACV? Yes! I may however not drink it every day, but I’m officially hooked on this vitamin and mineral filled, gut-boosting golden liquid.

Would I recommend it? Yes! If you have ever contemplated trying ACV, give it a go try! Let me know how it goes… But please do your research beforehand.

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