Sooo Darlings…

I finally finished reading the 50 Shades of Grey Trilogy and  it had me horny AF. Tate Fire, had great things coming his way.
Date night was around the corner and I just wanted to tap into my inner Elena Lincoln, (Business partner of kinky billionaire MR Christian Grey & the women who introduced him to the world of BDMS) and get it in with the manz, literally. But getting Tate Fire’s consent to perform such acts on and with him,  let’s just say he wasn’t having any of it. Poor guy thought I wanted to whip him. I just wanted to have my way around the *ZoZo with zero limitations.

Date night is finally here and I am readzzzyyyy, mkay! I get home from work and I whip up his favorite dish and added a biltong and cheese platter just for control. I unleashed Chantas – my alter ego, and she was all kinds of ready for the evening ahead of us. We start it off by running a bath and put on my “feel sexy” playlist. Guess what song is playing- Queen B x Partition. I get my glass of wine, down the first one and pour the next one just for control. While I run a bath I get in front of the mirror, half naked because VIEW, *nde this mirror has seen things as I think to myself.

I start practicing my dirty dancing with aid from my little red chair in front of the mirror. This helped me because I wanted to see what he will be looking at later and get my little strip tease routine on lock.

So after all that warming up and the vibe from my wine which makes my lady parts uuuhhhmmmm breath like it just received oxygen for the first time ever Dzaaaarlings.

Tate fire is here ☺

I open the door, looking like sex! Because you know, your girl smells good, I  have my lingerie on – a little black thong, black fishnet cutout over the knee, thigh high boots and an extremely short lace kimono.
I casually… welcom him in and give him a glass of whiskey which came with orders to down it immediately. At this point I can’t stop smiling, I bet I look goofy as hell but I don’t care because I look like sex and I knew that for a fact because the *ZoZo was already saying Hiiiii…

If there is anything I learned from those books, is that “patience and delayed gratification” is key to a good evening with your *manses, people. So the place is set right, candles leading to the balcony and bedroom and some in the sitting room just enough light to create the right ambiance. We get to the balcony of which had a cute little set-up-a mattress with pillows for support a cozy corner, the platter and our drinks and a few more candles around.

We sit down get comfortable, a little conversation, get a few extra drinks in and snack… Yes, snack because I’m the main meal here. Tate Fire couldn’t keep his hands off of me and still keeping in mind of the “patience and delayed gratification” rule , I gently bite on his neck, kiss his forehead and touch his skin gently and smoothly where ever my fingers would take me.

I eventually take the lead because VIEW! and I’m just about ready to kick start why we are here. He follows me inside, I tell him to take off his clothes and leave his underwear on and take a seat on the red chair which was facing the couch and the mirror was behind him so I could still see myself.

I start with my dirty dance-bumping and grinding on Tate Fire who was not allowed to touch me, every time he tried I would pull away and go twerk on the couch and continue with my strip tease. At this point I am only in my thigh-high boots and my black thong touching and rubbing myself on the couch as he watches. I moan at every rub and and move my body as I follow Queen Bs track. The look on his face tough, priceless!.

I am loving every second of it till… CLIMAX!!!!!

Moments later!

On my nightstand I had laid out a scarf, handcuffs, headsets and a small bowl of ice I got from the fridge along with some whipped cream, fuck the strawberries and peaches. I take off his underwear and my thong, cuff his hands together, so he laid down on the bed with his hands over his head, put the scarf over his eyes and the headsets on max.
When some of your senses are blocked out, you heighten the others, understand? So it’s me, your skin the ZOZO which mind you at this point was just showing off.
I ended the night with  whipped cream, ice & used and abused my privileges and the ZOZO and he LOVED. IT.

Try this out and let me know how it goes with your mans.

Signing out

Miss FAY.

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