The World Health Organisation defines health as a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. That means that our health is determined by our wellbeing that encompasses our physical health, which involves the state of our bodies (how fit we are, how well our organs function etc.), our mental health (how intact our mental processes are, how well we function emotionally etc.) and our social health (how well we interact with others as well as the state of our interpersonal relationships for example).

Clearly health is something that is multidimensional and even interactional, meaning that our various states of health interact with and influence each other. For example, when we invest our time and energy into our physical health in terms of regular exercise, we enhance the feel-good chemicals in our brains such as dopamine which then positively affects our emotional wellbeing and as such, our mental wellbeing. This shows us that all aspects of our health are important and that none should be prioritised over the other. In light of this, here are 3 super easy ways in which you can take care of and boost your overall health:


Sleep has got to be something that we tend to overlook when it comes to thinking of it in terms of good health but once you think of your mind and body as a complex system that literally works to keep you alive and well, it only makes sense to rest and recharge your mind and body the way you would charge your cell phone for example. When we are well rested we are able to concentrate better, be more productive and reduce our level of stress. In an article on Health Line, Joe Leech wrote about the benefits of good sleep here:



Exercise encompasses any form of physical activity that builds strength, increases endurance, strengthens muscles, increases cardiovascular activity and so forth. If conventional exercise like going to the gym, lifting weight or doing HIIT programs are unappealing to you, try engaging in everyday activities such as gardening, running, hiking, dancing and playing with children to get that work out in. Exercising contributes to our health far beyond the physical, from increasing confidence, to positively boosting moods, the benefits are endless and more than enough reason to get you up and active.



A healthy, well balanced diet is imperative to good health. Think of food as fuel that your body needs in order to function at its best, meaning that predominantly eating foods that nourish the body instead of chasing the taste of over flavoured foods containing high doses of chemicals in them must become a priority. Increasing your level of fresh, wholesome foods such as fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds and pure water should be one of the steps taken in order to boost physical and mental wellbeing and even prevent or help fight certain ailments. Medical News Today posted ten benefits of eating healthy as well as tips to help you to start eating healthier here

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