Let’s not kid ourselves. Picking the right gift for our significant other is daunting without a doubt.

We have a formula we think might just work to help ease the experience.

Gifting is somewhat considered a painful experience someone goes through because this is where you are tested if you truly know your significant other well enough.

It would slap so well if you nailed it right?

So for those that have no idea about what gift to buy for your partner/’friend’, take a deep breath and relax because we got you covered.


To pick the best gift, you should know the person very well. Make a list of all possible gift ideas putting into consideration things the person likes or is interested in. Try finding out something they would love to have or something they really need. The list will give you a clear direction.


Gifts should be special, exclusive and relatable. It is very important to make someone feel special. It does not need to be expensive for as long as it holds meaning and is significant. Try getting something that reminds them of a memory, like a frame of you guys together from a special event.


“Expensive gifts are the perfect gifts”, this is however not true. Get a gift that you can afford and that fits in your budget, you can always go out of your way to make something special of it. If you have extra cash you can buy something exclusive and lavishing.


Regardless of the gift you have bought always add your little touch to it. In a sense of writing a card or a note with a special message on it just to make it romantic. This will surely add a smile on their faces.


It all depends on what your partner likes and what would make them happy. Gifts are special, they express a fond of love and appreciation. So when picking a gift consider what will make your partner excited.

Whether you are choosing the perfect gift for her or him, choose unique options for the people you love. Show them you know them with the perfect present.

Rauna Magongo

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