Hey precious,

It has been a hot minute and here I am, late as usual. I mean, my first post this year comes in February. I have basically come to the conclusion that my year started February this year. January was a trial run and I am now ready to take up the responsibilities that I had since neglected when the Ke’December spirit kicked in and unruly behaviors was the order of the day. So, allow me to wish you a happy New Year beloved, in honor of the year 2019. I would go into detail about what the year 2019 will hold for you dear reader when it comes to Mono & Me, but because I am so late, I will spare you and leave it at,

I wish you a prosperous new year filled with self-becoming.

With that said, Valentines day is tomorrow and deep breath in, deep breath out. If you are like me, I love Valentines Day. I love it so much it sometimes challenges my love for birthdays, and you need to know that that’s serious, because I love birthdays so much, I once celebrated my birthday for an entire month. True story!

Okay, so I thought to be a darling and give you 5 “fun to do” ideas for Valentines day if you’re single.

What to do this Valentines Day if you’re single;

Organize a Girls Night In 

Call up 4 of your single friends and organize a cute ladies night Valentines get together. Get yourself some real good wine, easy to make foods and games. There is nothing worse than being alone on Valentines night. Getting through the day is a drag in itself, but the night time is where the real gist of the “not so fun” part hits. The idea is to drink, eat, laugh and have fun!

Gift Swaps with Friends

Call up one or two of your single friends and do gift swaps. Basically, they become your Valentines partner and you can decide how to do the gift swaps. You can do secret deliveries to their work place (the best) or you can meet up later in the evening and swap gifts over some wine and good conversation.


Treat yourself

The clock is ticking and if this is the one thing you want to do, you need to get thinking fast and act fast. You can book a massage (Hilton Hotel has amazing offers), you can order yourself flowers and get them delivered or you can treat yourself to some shopping or a good movie. The best way to do this, is basically think about what you would have loved to have a romantic partner do for you, and you do it for yourself! I promise you, it is worth it.

Date night by yourself

If you are not a people’s person and would much rather die than call up friends and swap gifts or have a girls night in, that is absolutely okay. In the event that solitude woks for you, then lets make sure that you do it in style. Look up a creative recipe with all your favorite stuff (e.g prawns, salmon etc.), get yourself some expensive champagne and download an amazing love film. Get home and cook yourself a nice meal with some beautiful music in the background and tuck in for a romantic movie and enjoy! Your company deserves your attention too.

Cooking Date 

Call up a friend and attend the cook off valentines date being hosted at the Silver Spoon kitchen at the Old Power Station – Windhoek. To make it more fun, call up more than one friend and go cook up a storm. Else you can duplicate the idea at home and have a cook off! Make deserts if oven/stove space is an issue. This idea can also be wine tasting (you can do this at home too) and Paint&Wine (this is where you get painting canvas and wine, and you get intoxicated off of wine and simultaneously paint, regardless how awful a painter you are… it is always fun).

The point of all of this is to ensure that you enjoy your Valentines day because it goes deeper than having a romantic partner. It is about appreciating those you love and communicating that love through quality time. It also means giving the love we are so quick to want to give away to ourselves. You deserve to treat yourself this valentines.

In the interim, happy valentines day precious one.

From Fearless Queen to another

Love Mavis


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