Finding your perfect fit shouldn’t be a nightmare anymore, here’s how.

We are still celebrating the month of love here at HQ and we asked one of our readers to share some of her guide when picking out the right lingerie set for your body.

Lingerie is more than just something you wear in the bedroom.It has the ability to give a woman confidence, even when no one else sees it.

When you dress well, you feel better! You’re ready for anything actually!  But the wrong piece of lingerie can ruin a day in one slip of a bra strap, wrong sized bra or visible bunch in the back.

As women, we deal with so many things in our lives, we have such a hard time finding the right lingerie for our body type and that should not even be one of the top things we struggle with.

To avoid these lingerie woes, this guide is created to help women choose the perfect lingerie fit for common body shapes and figures.


For the girls with fewer curves, find lingerie sets that draw attention right where you want it to flatter. You can get away with more frills and less function if your lingerie doesn’t need to lay seamlessly under clothes, extra detail, such as guipure and ruffles, can really draw attention and enhance.



A couple of rules of thumb when looking for that perfect bra, is the thicker the band in the back and the straps, the more sturdy the fit. If you don’t like the idea of a full coverage bra, a bra with a demi cup is a great alternative and try high-waist fits when looking for lingerie bottoms.


Lace is always a pretty option when it comes to  ladies with an “athletic” body type. Bralettes  also add personality for this shape because they add a soft shape to a strong build. An athletic figure looks amazing in form fitting bottoms, as they hug your curves and give shape to narrow hips, while suspenders cinch the waist and add a curve.



Look for lingerie that draws the eyes up. Lingerie that highlights your top section and smooths the hips is ideal for the pear-shaped ladies and colour blocking or bra detail makes that happen for you.


Each figure is beautiful and unique, just like the lingerie that will flatter you most! There are great lingerie options for every shape, the important thing to remember is that you can dress for your body type.

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