Johanna Swartbooi’s love for fashion and art is what keeps her moving, find out what else makes her tick.

I am a freelance model, business and marketing student and jewelry designer. I started my modeling career in 2016, however I knew all my life that I would work in the industry because I love fashion and art. My other love is working with people and helping in any way I can therefore I involve myself in community work quite often. I dream to see a world where everyone feels comfortable to be their authentic selfs.

The song that sums up your life?

It doesn’t exist yet, my being is too diverse to fit in one song.

When not on set…

I’m one of million other things; working, educating myself or creating. 

Your home-town must see…

I’m actually from a village, we have beautiful black rocks. I still need to do a shoot there.

My favourite hangout spot…

Is currently non-existent, we need more spots in Windhoek.

1 thing you’ll always find in my bag…


Favourite cheat meal is…

The sweet waffle with cinnamon and syrup at Cramer.   

Skin care remedy…

Sunlight soap and Epimax, I don’t like to use too many products.

Favourite fashion item…

Shades and earrings, they can make any outfit look cool.

Favourite photo of you…

The photo of me in the Ovahimba outfit taken in Sossusvilei.

Guilty Pleasures?

Selfishly spending a day with myself listening to Jazz music and not attending to any calls.

On my bucket list is….

Sky diving and being on the cover of Vogue magazine

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