So as you may know, my mind is always on overtime, creatively.

It’s almost impossible for me to avoid a creative block. I’ve just found ways to get through it easier/faster and to continue working even when I’m going through it.

Between Monochrome and BMDS, my mind hits a complete block every other week. But as an entrepreneur I can’t afford to not work as you know;

If you don’t work, you don’t get paid. You don’t eat.

If I told you what my workload entails – you’d understand. (Maybe, I’ll share that some other day)

For today, I’ll share some of the things I do to get out of a creative rut.

Recognise that it’s happening and it’s okay

Burn out culture says you need to work your ass off, without rest, only then will it show that you are indeed working.  “Team No Sleep”

I won’t lie, I used to be a part of that culture until I realised it wasn’t doing me any good. I know recognise and identify when my mind and body is tired –  I know that after I submit a big project, host an event or just go through a busy week that I’m likely to fall into a rut. I see that and allow myself days before I take on another busy week. I allow myself to just chill and do nothing for a while. I push my deadlines, buy time or whatever,  to make sure my clients aren’t neglected and I’m not submitting sub par work.

I tell myself over and over, that it’s okay, though I’m still learning to not feel guilty about it.

I’m now team rest, naps after naps and day offs just to sleep.

You can’t pour from an empty cup


Do something else

My routine is so predictable and the fact that I work from home makes it even worse. I’m pretty sure that adds to my creative blocks.

Sometimes, on deadline weeks, I’d not step out of my flat. I’d wake at 5:30, shower, get to my desk, work till lunch, sit on my sofa for a bit, continue working till later, workout, shower, eat,  sleep and repeat.

When I started changing up my routine I noticed my creative blocks spacing out (If that makes sense). If I take time to go out for coffee, to meet a client, gym or just to a creative event I notice that by the end of deadline week  – I still have a little of me left.

During a busy/deadline filled week – I’d advise you do something you’ve been wanting to do but haven’t gotten to. Go to an exhibition, take some me time – get a massage/facial. Do whatever, just not anything from your regular routine.


Refer to point one.

Take a nap, 10 or 4 hour nap, whatever works for you. I haven’t tapped into meditating but I hear it works great.

I usually just put on something to watch (anything comedy) and try to fall asleep. Watching something allows me to think about something else other than work, falling asleep right after allows me to dream about something else other than work.


Try other creative mediums

As a creative you are exposed to so many mediums of art. Use them.

If you’re a graphic designer like me, stuck in front a computer most of your day, try a different medium to create. Paint or sketch something, go to a dance class, try cooking something off the internet, take your camera outside.


Clean or complete none-work errands

Like for many, cleaning for me is therapeutic. Sometimes that’s all I need to do to feel like myself again.

I also use this time to run errands that I don’t normally have the time for;  groceries, home affairs, social security etc.

That way you are still getting things done!


How do you deal with “creative blocks”?

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