• Shallot Mohutege

Somehow it seems like every time I write something, I am repeating myself. My last two entries all contained information I could use in my next piece. But I realized that everything is connected and intertwined into one big web of surviving varsity.

Let me take you back to that day, when you couldn’t sleep and waited anxiously until 00:15 to text for your results and hey! Look! You made it (and if you didn’t, you know it’s not the end of the world, right?)

So, you made it, hooray! Congratulations. Fast forward, you are now in Varsity. Things are different, school is different, maybe you have new friends, maybe you are fortunate enough to still have your high school friends or maybe you don’t have any friends at all and have to find new friends. But now what? You ask yourself. What is going to happen now? I mean this is the last stop before you are a full-on adult and have to look after yourself? Pressure is building up and you have to make sure you don’t mess up! Assignment deadlines are drawing closer, your mom keeps calling you to remind you of how proud you make them and how much your little brother wants to be like you when he grows up. But right now, you are under pressure, in some classes you are falling behind and missing deadlines – not your intention of course. Your social life is also crumbling because now you don’t have time for your friends anymore so it seems. You’re losing sleep and can barely think straight. So how do you plan on dealing with all this? 24- hours just isn’t enough anymore and clock is ticking, the world is moving forward and it seems like with every step you take forward, you take 10 steps back.

You know what! Breathe! Just breathe! It is in this moment, in this very moment when you are on the verge of a meltdown that you should look back and see how much you’ve been juggling and how much you’re trying. Your mental health is important and even if you decide to shut the world up and just take time you yourself one day no one is going to judge you. Times are tough, man!

To be honest I’m talking to myself here more than I am talking to you my dear readers. I’ve been juggling so much that I sometimes want to say to hell with it and just crawl under a rock and just stay there until I parish but I realized how strong I really am and how much I can find sense and meaning to go on when I no longer have a reason to.

You haven’t truly failed until you give up right?

In whatever it is that you are going through, you NEED to find the good. Find the good even if the good is a simple smile or the fact that you simply woke up.

Do you want to know what good I found in my situation? Apparently, from finding out my strength I now know that I am ready for the corporate world. Heck! There is nothing the corporate world can throw at me that varsity hasn’t already thrown at me. Come at me corporate world, I am ready for you, be it deadlines, hasty last-minute meetings or multitasking. I will take you on!

Ha! Funny! I never actually thought university would get me ready for the corporate world. It’s not until my final year that I realized this and that’s okay. Better late than never, right?

Whatever happens always remember to find the good.


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