If you were still wondering about starting that YouTube channel, that blog, that Instagram page for your cooking or photography. I’m here to tell you that you should do it. NOW!

You should actually stop reading this and go do the damn thing…

I’ll tell you why.

Creative services continued to grow even during the recent global financial and economic crisis, and could grow significantly more as technology advances and incomes increase in emerging economies. Creative services are important as they generate financial returns with minimal production and distribution costs, help people escape poverty, and bolster cross-cultural exchange and understanding.

As more people use the internet, the bigger the demand gets. With digital media becoming an even bigger necessity, the future looks extremely bright for the creative industry. People are creating their own shows, watching and religiously following each other, curating and creating the content they want to see.

80% of the world has gone digital and almost everything exists on the internet now.

So does our identity. Namibian identity. Creative identity.

But do we have that? A Namibian Creative identity? Do you think? I’m actually not too sure.

What is our style? What groundbreaking things have we done that can be recognised internationally? If someone asked you what/who the Namibian Creative industry is known for, what would you say? Who are our content creators? Are our “influencers” creating the content we want?

I know we’ll be able to name a few people, but who else knows them but us? Do they have an international digital footprint?

As the digital era, we need to do things differently. It’s up to us to create this digital trail of the Namibian creative identity.


Yes, I’m shouting.


Here’s what we need to do…

Create, create, create….

Stop doubting yourself, the sooner you start creating the sooner you’ll get better at it, the more content you’ll have, the more recognition your content will have.

THEY need to find you creating!

By “they” I mean the brands, companies, consumers, money, accolades etc.

We need to be putting out content a hundred times more than we are currently doing. I don’t mean just putting out anything though, I mean good, well thought out content.

The growth of the internet as a distribution channel allows us to reach anyone, so when you create and market your content. Do it with the entire world in mind. We aren’t doing things for just Namibians anymore, think bigger, spread your reach. You can become “that amazing fashion blogger from Namibia”, the Namibian Photographer featured in Vogue, that Namibian YouTuber getting a TV Show etc.

We can literally be playing on the world’s stage, we just need to be as competitive and consistent as the rest of the world is.

So start now, that way when the world starts looking this way, your name will be on the list of contenders.

With that said, I’m offering my time in the form of 5 coffee dates to any 5 creatives who aren’t sure about the direction they should take with their content or art. 


Email me, tell me about you and your work and let’s get creating. Send to  betty@monochromemagazine.net

I will only take 5, so hurry. 🙂

Till next Monday, stay creating.


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