Hey darlings, I’ll be sharing the aftermath of my weekend away with the executive committee from work and wheeew, you do not want to miss this one.

Happy read!

My bosses were very pleased on how I handled the task given to organize the trip for us, yes I was nervous as hell when I got it  because it was my first time. I had it hands down keeping my eyes on the main prize here,  that promotion, so whoop whoop!!

The weekend was *amazeballs guys, one could never go wrong with Gross Barmen *rerig. All their facilities were intact. I mostly loved the spa treatment because homegirl had to get that massages in from head to toe and being in the hands of Tate Fire can become very strenuous  to my body and mind with all the positions he has me doing.

I haven’t seen Tate Fire since I got back from my lavishing weekend but we spoke over the phone *nga. Anuwa his home was all fixed up and everything is looking great, I was teasing him about us having to invade his home with our usual drills “if you know what I mean?” (*wink*) but I was just too tired and thank the gods he had things to handle also so we good on that, mara there was not a second I wasn’t thinking about this man also it’s like I can never get used to his dick, gosh the confusion is real ek se vir julle!

Ever since I’ve been back there has been some weird energy in my house man, not the ghostly typa shit but just another scent so it could be from Tate Fire taking up my space and now that he’s gone I guess that scent stayed or it left with him *waldje wan. So, I decided to spring clean my house. I was half way through when I got to my bedroom ’cause I love cleaning it last so I can actually relax with my wine and sort things out with time and use less energy, lol. I had a pile of clothes packed in a corner and I decided to deal with the stack head on. I stumbled upon Tate Fires boxers and a couple of T-shirts of his and immediately my punanie started to knock, etse this lady has no manners lol, I started to reminisce on how we would be busy tearing shit up, how he would pick me up with his toned muscles heeeeyyyyyy chiilllleeee! Already my waterfall came down pouring. I couldn’t resist myself so I took my vibrator to help me deal with the situation *gou gou. Yes, I own one but only use it for emergencies and trap situations like this one, lol.

My nipples were hard as fuck as I was rubbing them with my fingers under Tate Fires T-shirt that I was wearing, laying on my floor in my dirty pile of clothes playing with myself, his scent got me going crazy *yoh ha a. Placed my index and middle finger on top of my punanie in circular motion until my clit started to feel the urge of being pressed. As I entered my punanie with my index and middle fingers it felt like I was touching a wet sponge I mean that’s how wet I was. Moving my two fingers in circular motion and loving every minute of it, moaning and imagining Tate Fire is the one doing the fingzz. I could feel myself going deeper and deeper as far as the pleasure would allow. My eyes were shut, Charlie Wilson on blast saying “I can do magic, I’ll perform a trick on you”, grasping for air ’cause shit was real. The deeper I went the more I came and making a mess on my dirty clothes. It’s fascinating what your own fingers with the help of a vibrator can do to you shili, THE WONDERS!

My mind and whole being was on another planet sowaar, Tate Fire would have me be in different positions or rather turn the whole room  deurmekaar and I was kama cleaning it if he were here. Reached the point where I climaxed and grabbed my under sheets with all my strength, opened my eyes looking to the sides and there it was, AN EXTRA-LARGE PUSH UP BRA.

For the life in me my body became numb. Confused as fuck I stopped with everything and grabbed the bra, oh who’s under garment is this dan I asked myself, etse a whole pink bra. Aye Tate Fire isn’t tog that stupid to have another woman in my house let alone in my bed, nah there must be a good explanation to this whole thing, not even going to fuss about it. I couldn’t stop but to wonder that this mother fucker got me fucked up, he had some other bitch up in my house with big boobs or what the hell was going on ’cause clearly this bra ain’t mine at all. Ouf  fuming with questions and crazy scenarios I decided to ring his ass up to explain  pamwe I’m over reacting ngo.

Phone kept ringing but went to voicemail, so I sent a text message saying “Hey, call me back when you get this, urgent”. I sat on my bed and didn’t continue cleaning ’cause my plak het geval. What to do now.


Find out what happens next.

Until next darlings.

Miss FAY.


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