I like to say I have trained the people in my life on how I want my pictures taken. I do the same with whoever my boyfriend is at the time. Imagine spending 80% of your time with someone who doesn’t know how to take pictures of you – could never be me.

If you didn’t know, my Instagram feed is very important to me. Lol. It’s my life as a mood board. So if your girlfriend/partner feels the same way about theirs, you need to get your Instagram and picture taking skills up! Pronto!!!


Know her style

Most of the times it’s really just about taking a picture that makes sense. The problem comes in when what makes sense to you doesn’t make sense to her.

Which is why you need to know how she likes her pictures. (It’s actually her job to tell you this)

Does she like a lot of space around her? Close ups? Low angles? Which’s her good side?



Put in the effort

Bend over, go on your knees, climb a ladder… just put in the effort when  taking the picture. It will go a long way.

Think of it this way, if you do it right the first time you won’t need to spend too much time retaking the damn picture.




Practice makes perfect

The more you do it, the better you get at it. The sooner you will find it easy. You’ll start to notice when there’s good lighting, what angles work, if the backdrop is great or not without being told.

It will be like a joint project. You know, team work!

With that said here are 5 very important tips to taking great IG pictures!

  1. Background needs to work – make sure it’s not too busy, it shouldn’t steal focus away from her. Unless that’s what she’s going for of course. Refer to “Know her style”.
  2. Composition – If you understand grids/rule of thirds, good for you, if you don’t – read here. | Composition is just as important as making sure you don’t take a blurry picture. Make sure everything you include in the frame makes sense or leave enough room for cropping. NB! Please don’t cut off her head, feet or hands. Make sure she’s fully in the frame.
  3. Lighting – If it looks bad while taking the picture it’s probably a bad picture, tell her to stand somewhere else. You should always stand against the light. Your subject should always face the light. Remember to take advantage of natural light.
  4. Art Direct – If you see the pose she’s doing is a little awkward, tell her, if there’s something on the ground next to her feet – take it away. Use initiative boss.
  5. Take many pictures – This is very important. Options. We want options! Take as many pictures as you can. Actually take until she says it’s enough. The more options the bigger the chance, that there is at least one picture she can use.

That’s about all I can tell you in this post. Now go out there and be the best Instagram boyfriend you can ever be.

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