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The Voices of Style is  a platform for any creative out in the world to share their living experience beyond the borders of our beautiful country, Namibia.

In this edition, we talk to Lyrischiah Immanuellah-Da Silva. A Social Media Manager, Content Creator,  local influencer and natural hair and beauty enthusiast. She is also an aviator, a model and a 1st Princess title holder in Miss Namibia (2015).

Photography:  Martin Amushendje

What inspires you in terms of Fashion/Style

One thing that inspires my style is my environment, mood, and agenda. My aesthetic very street, and will always love an ensemble that translates from a day out shopping to a dinner out with friends.

Describe your Style in 3 words

Comfortable, Minimal and Athleisure

Latest purchase?

Mustard strapped Mary Janes, from a shop on small street in Joburg CBD.

Style/fashion mantra you live by?

Less is More

Photography:  Martin Amushendje

How has the country/city influenced your style?

To a very limited degree Johannesburg and all the different fashion styles have shown me what does and what doesn’t work and how I can take bits of it and make it my own, because ultimately my fashion sense comes from within.

If you could raid anyone’s closet, who would it be?

My Avo’s

Picture yourself in three years. What are you wearing?

A sun hat, layering tank, skinny cargo pants, a utility jacket and Cat boots. (Basically a

Safari look)

If you could name your personal style, what would it be called?


Photography:  Martin Amushendje

What is your favorite store to shop at, and can you find them in Namibia?

This has recently changed from Cotton On (which you can find in here Namibia) to Zara.

Photography:  Martin Amushendje

This is the beautiful city of Johannesburg, South Africa.

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