So by now you probably have your brand up and ready. What happens now?

You somewhat have your ducks in row now, but instead of waiting to land a gig – because you know – Namibia, go out there and make the things happen.

Identify the brands you want to work with – big or small – and then determine what you can do for them.

Research, conceptualise and then put together a proposal.

Here are some tips you can follow for writing the perfect proposal:

  • Be clear from the start – Nobody wants to read something that’s going nowhere, start the proposal with a question or fact that will catch their attention.
  • Throw them the pitch – For them to want to work with you, you will need to have something that adds value to their brand. Your collaboration idea will need to create a solution to something or increase their revenue in some way. Provide a hook, solution and a plan (not so detailed – because some people steal ideas).

NB! DO everything on email – that way you have record of all discussions. That way you have proof in case they steal your ideas.

  • Sell yourself – Why should they work with you? What exactly are you offering? What are your strength and capabilities? Your relationship with your followers? This is where you roll out your stats and track record.
  • Portfolio –  They will want to see your previous work. If you’ve worked with brands before – great. If you haven’t – start working with a few smaller brands, friends, whether for free or for product – start creating portfolio that you can fall back on.
  • Apply for campaigns within your niche – Your brand needs to align with the brand you are pitching for. It will make it easier for you to convince them when you’re “the expert” at that particular subject.

Remember to reach out to international brands as much as you reach out to Namibian brands. Reach out to their representatives here. Find out who their marketing person is. Send a DM, use the email in their profile. Someone is bound to respond.

Are you guys tired of the influencer marketing series? Is there anything regarding the topic you’d like me to touch on specifically? Let me know.

Till next Monday,

Betty Sibeso  


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