Launched at a glitzy event that took place at a Windhoek hotel, Hannah Nangula’s full cream foundation is now officially on the market and available for sale.
The make-up line is the result of years of learning what Namibian women are looking for when buying cosmetics. Today, Hannah Nangula has formulated a shade like no other on the market.

I cracked the perfect range of eight sheds of the Hannah Nangula full coverage cream foundation.

-H Nangula

She goes on to explain that as a make-up artist, she has experienced difficulty in finding foundation shades that are suitable for all skin types.

During my long professional makeup career I got to use almost all the brands on the market, but there was always something missing – specifically for the African market.The available products were either too light or too dark, or overly orange-ish or yellowish. Most of them were also only light coverage when clearly the Namibian market was demanding for a full coverage foundation.


Seeing this gap in the market, she then began the task of researching, producing and testing her foundation line. Keeping in mind the diversity in skin types among Namibian women as well as the country’s weather conditions.

Hannah Nangula and Twapewa Selma Kadhikwa pictured at the official launch of the cream

Nangula began testing different recipes on a wide variety of skin tones on Namibian women. “This process took about a year and a few months before final testing and production could start,” she says.

The cream foundations come in the following tones, Copper, Tega, Maggy Nut, Dunes, Hannah, Namib, Honey combs and Soul. For the dark complexions, the Copper, Tega or Maggy Nut shades are most suitable. For lighter complexions, the Namib, Hannah, Honey Combs or Soil shades are best.

The launch coincided with yet another workshop where Hannah Nangula showed participants
how to correctly apply make-up, including her own line of foundation.

Our aim was to create a Namibian cosmetic product that can compete with the established international brands. The foundation creams will be available for sale in Windhoek and can be couriered countrywide and beyond Namibian borders.

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