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Jan Jooster by Leah Misika and Melisa Poulton will be hosting a fashion show  and you don’t want to miss this.

Jan Jooster by Leah Misika and Melisa Poulton  is inspired by a local Namibian saying from the South “Jiri Jan Jooster” Meaning “Oh dear” or “Oh my god” which is rather ironic because the man who lived in the south of Namibia by that name was known for his style and his “holiness” in his community. Jan Jooster was a man that was way ahead of his time and stuck in an era where he was misunderstood and put in a box

Lea and Melisa will be producing a capsule collection as a reminiscent of such characteristics. They sort to create a unisex capsule collection that would appeal to both the men and women that love their street wear out of the box but still within it’s time.

Tickets available  on Events Today

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