We always wonder what some of our faves are up to and stalking their social media isn’t enough anymore.

We caught up with Quin-Leigh Hammond, founder and creative director of our favourite fashion brand, HoneyCassie.

She lets us in on what she has been up to  and all the in-between.

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Since graduating in Fashion Studies from UNAM, how has the journey been so far?

My journey has been an amazing learning experience. A lot of growing . I won’t lie it has not always been an easy journey but thankful for all the support from the industry.
Jay Aeron in HC

What are some of the challenges you face as a designer in Namibia?

 The lack of resources we have available as creatives is very limiting. We have amazing support from the industry and from other countries but we need that same support from our own government so that we can grow into the fashion industry that we can be because we have amazing talent.

What have been some of your favorite moments thus far?

Being featured in your magazine when I graduated was a great moment for me.  Being part of the Fashions of Southern Africa Exhibition  at the Kent State University featuring greats like David Thale and Maxhosa. Also, just every time  someone wears one of my designs and they are just happy and feel good about themselves.

Nelao in HC

What would you tell the young you now that you have +5 years experience in the Fashion industry.

1. Work hard and keep learning and improving your craft.
2. Try and learn and get advise from people that have been in the industry for a while, don’t think because you got your degree you know everything.
3. There is nothing wrong with asking for help and just always stay true to who you are and the work you do and want to put out.
Jay Aeron in HC

What are you currently working on?

 At the moment I’m busy working on a small collection that I would like to produce in small quantities.

We have noticed our fav trio dressed in HoneyCassie. Tell us more about the collaboration/partnership.

I love working with them, because they push me creatively and are always game for anything. I just appreciate their support.
Reinhardt and Romano in HC

What are some of the tricks you use to keep your creativity flowing?

I don’t really have tricks, my ideas usually come to me very organically. I can be working on one design that inspires something else or I could be doing something totally unrelated to fashion which then inspires more ideas. I never try to force my ideas because that never really works.

How do you balance work and life on a daily basis?

Balance? What’s that? Lol
My life is in complete chaos at the moment because it consists of mostly work and work and more work. But I would say try doing something not related to your craft.
Reinhardt Malaie in HC

Quin-leigh Hammond

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