Once upon a time (last year), I was having a conversation about my wardrobe’s colour palette with Sekai from The Red Shelf.

Why do I only wear blacks and greys, do I own any coloured clothing? Would I consider wearing colour? And and and…

She in the end challenged me to wear colour, at least for one week. I thought about doing it but couldn’t bring myself to it.

We met again this year and she said it again. This time I took up the challenge and decided on when I’d do it.

If you follow me on Instagram you know I did it first week of June and I had the hardest time.

Because I barely have any coloured clothing in my closet I had to purchase a new few items. Affordable of course, just in case I don’t ever want to wear them again.

I stumbled on PEP’s awesomeness the other week when I went to look for a black beanie. I was in awe at the cool things they had for so cheap. I decided then and there that I would buy my “Week in colour” clothes from there. Not only were they cheap but they were cute too. Winner!

Other items like the printed silk shirt and the retro jacket, I got from Renaissance (online thrift store), and a pair of pink pants I had in my closet that I had only worn once were from China Town.

I was basically doing a “Style on a Budget” series.

All in all, I had a hard time not being able to wear my regular colour palette but I did have fun changing up my style for a bit. I will NOT do that again, EVER. I will, however, add a few colour items once in a while.

Okay, so let me tell you why I don’t wear colour:

  1. It’s time consuming

I’m a very busy person, so I like to find ways to minimise my time spent on trivial things. Like finding what to wear.

Don’t get me wrong, I love fashion… so much that I majored in Fashion Studies and started a fashion magazine. It’s just, I don’t have the luxury of time to spend fighting myself about what to wear.

When it comes to colour items, everything needs to make sense with the other (most times), sometimes everything makes sense except the shoes, so you’ll need to change the shoes, when you change the shoes, they then don’t make sense with the shirt you are wearing, so you’ll either need to find different shoes or change the shirt. Time.

When it comes to neutral clothing, I know if it’s not white, it’s black or grey or tan. Either one of those will work. And because I’m looking at styles of clothing and not colour, it saves me so much time. It saves me from decision fatigue.

I’m a minimalist; my house, my life is only filled with things I need. All the things I own are great and necessary things. That includes my wardrobe.


2. It’s loud and uncomfortable

For some reason colour makes me uncomfortable. I also feel colour is loud and attention seeking. As an introvert, I understand why I wouldn’t want that.

I also feel a lot of colour clothing come in uncomfortable fabrics.

I even thought of swopping my regular grey or white tee for, let’s say, a red one. Would that be so much of a leap?

It would. If I wore a red tee with my regular blue jeans, I would need to find a jacket/blazer that made sense. If I was to take a picture that day finding the right background or atmosphere would be a lot harder than if I was in a white tee. Also the colour of the jeans would matter. Also, the shoes? Let’s not even go there.

PLUS! Do they even make plain red cotton t-shirts?


3. I don’t picture well in colour

Lmao. I really don’t. I also don’t feel colour looks great on me.

Maybe it’s just me and my self consciousness. But I’m uncomfortable when I wear colour.

They say colour brightens up your day, but to me it doesn’t. Not to be dramatic or anything, but it makes me miserable. Lol.

 Wearing colour was actually extremely uncomfortable, I never thought I would have that much anxiety because of what I was wearing.


I documented my “Week in Colour” on my Instagram feed and IG TV.  You can check it out there.

Till next Monday,

Betty Sibeso

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