There is something about being in your twenties that puts an immense pressure on you. It is as though you are fast walking in a race and no matter how much you try to run, you cannot seem to get yourself to do more than a minute worth of running. It leaves you feeling exhausted. You try to pace yourself and walk at a speed that allows you to still be in the race, but it feels like for every minute you walk, at least 15 people have passed you. You try to convince yourself – own race, own pace – but the truth is, for every person who surpasses you, you feel a great surge of angst and anxiety. 

It is like that in life, isn’t it? You are in your twenties and you are trying to figure it out. Half the time you are not sure about what you are doing and why. There is this constant chip on your shoulder telling you, you ought to be doing more. You seem to have all these great ideas, but between your day job and the exhaustion you feel after being at work, there seems to never be enough time to fill the gaps.

With time, the dreams start to feel like they are gathering dust, your energy levels start to deplete and what once used to be an attitude of resilience starts to be one of dread. One step at a time, one foot in front of the other. 


Enough with the sulking. Enough with the procrastination. Enough with the pity party. Enough!

First of all, shed the comparison. Your journey is just that, yours. It will never look like anyone else’s, because you are unique. Spending the time sulking and ogling the lives of others people, in a constant state of wishing, ain’t it. You may be inspired. Sure. You may be propelled to do more. Yes. However, you shall not look on to compare yourself and leave yourself in self loathe and pity, no. It is toxic to spend time reflecting negatively on oneself when looking into the lives of others, because inspiration should not turn into jealousy. It is counterproductive. Instead, let inspiration inspire you to do better and be better. 

Second of all, the truth is, we all have the same 24 hours. When your pace starts to decrease at the count of laziness. That is on you. You alone and no one else. It is time to stop procrastinating as it does you more harm, than good. It is time to stop putting off work, in the name of being tired. You have been tired for 2 months straight and claiming rest every weekend. Yet, the time is spent galivanting and procrastinating, instead of resting. No, nothing about needing a break. There is needing a break, and then there is standing still. Ensure you are the former. Else, time to get up and do better, because your dream life is in your hands, you can either create it or watch other people create what you wish was yours. For your sake, I hope that you start to see the power in your hands and harness it for good. 

Stop! I mean stop, stop wishing! Stop wishing you could start a business. Stop wishing you could go to the gym. Stop wishing you could go back to school. Stop wishing you could revamp your wardrobe. Stop! Simply stop wishing and start doing! I mean it. Start by applying for a new job. Start by registering the business. Start by signing up for the gym. Start by applying for a course. Start by applying for a scholarship! 

Start! Get up and start! Start! Start! Start!

Challenge yourself to start with three things you have been wishing for. See, that’s the problem, you read that and thought, threeeee? Why not one? Well, congratulations. We now know that you are smack in the middle of procrastination and we are about to get your life! 

Three things. Today! This week! No later!

Get started!

I write this with love, and today we are no longer throwing pity parties, we are getting up and starting. You know why, because you love yourself enough to start.

With Love



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