Ever look at the world and all you want to do is shoulder the burden of everyone who is hurting. You want to soothe away the pain of others, you want to wipe away the tears of those hurting and you want to be the superhero of a tragic story. When you look at the stats of world hunger it turns your stomach, never mind a picture of a child so food deprived that she stares starvation and death in the eyes. The pain we see in our friends and family, wanting to help, wanting to save and feeling helpless. When that becomes your burden, wanting to make the world lighter, less painful and less deprived. You want to shoulder everyone’s problems, but where to start, apparently the answer is with you.

Ever heard of the analogy that we mirror what we are. We also tend to want to do for others what we wish someone would do for us. It is found in minor things like gifting someone. It is found in kindness to someone. Many times, we reflect who we are in our actions. Same can be said when we are rude or mean to others, it usually is a reflection of the turmoil we face inside. We insist that that is just who we are, but is that really the truth? I would like to challenge you and suggest, no.

No, it is not. 

Who you are is the one element you have control over. What you project, is what is going on on the inside of you, whether you choose to face that, remains entirely up to you. I am not discounting the events of life that can tarnish who we are on the inside, where hurt has been done unto us and harbored, however the process of harboring is a choice. One you make, whether consciously or subconsciously. Regardless, it is a choice. 

When I say you need to save yourself first, I mean that you cannot pour from an empty cup. You first. Interesting enough, in a world that projects narcissism, is in most cases not. Many people project a confidence and a self-love they do not possess. Attributes that require a great deal of self-awareness and reflection. Attributes that require a raw truth with oneself. Many of us are afraid to face our true authentic selves. The notion of facing yourself and being centered is preached, but rarely practiced. Not because we do not want to, but because it is one of the hardest things to do. 

No one wants to face the terrible traits they possess, no one wants to face the truth of accountability, because it is difficult, but it truly is worth the trouble. I am talking about uncovering the parts of you that hurt, those that are fearful and those that have been damaged.

It is okay to be afraid, it is not okay to continue to run. You must save yourself first, before you can save others. You must heal yourself first, before you can heal others. 

You must first be your own superhero, before you can go out and save the world. You first. Always you first, because only he who has poured into himself, can pour into others.

May you be liberated from anxiety. May you walk in your true self. May you no longer be afraid. May you be brave, powerful and centered. 

WHY? Because you deserve to save yourself. 

No more drowning. No more wishing you were more. May you find the strength to start the process of uncovering yourself. 

With Love


Mavis is an ambassador of Kapia Optics. She is a Civil Engineer by qualification and a marketing officer by profession. Get in touch with Mavis – eliasmavis@gmail.com

Twitter – @mavisbraga

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