Hey buddy, how are you doing today?

I hope all is well. If not, our topic for the day will probably help you feel better. Today we’re going to tackle what is commonly one of the most frequently posed and probably most important question I get when people want to start training journey.

What do I need to get started with my fitness journey? Or simply put, where do I start?


The best answer; nothing specific.

I know that might read discouraging to most who love ready made answers, but the truth is that you don’t need anything specific . Not a gym, not a personal trainer and not a training partner.

That being said these things may aid you in your journey, however they are not essential to your progress.

What is essential?

  • Will
  • Focus
  • Clear understanding of what it is that you are trying to achieve.

With that conscious understanding along with your “why”, there are some things that you can tick off that will definitely help you start your training journey in a safer manner.


  1. Consult a Medical Practitioner – seeing a doctor for a general checkup can give you a better understanding of where your health is and the possible limitations that you could encounter in training.
  2. See a Physiotherapist- seeing a physiotherapist can help you understand your body better and help you create the necessary mind muscle connections when training. The more one understands what you are meant to feel when you move certain parts of your body the better you begin to move.
  3. See a Psychological Counselor/Therapist/Mental Coach who deals with movement and training – this is my personal favorite, because well, free advertising, haha. Seeing someone with experience in the human sciences allows you to develop a positive approach to training. This is beneficial – as training much like life, has it’s up and downs and it is important to have the necessary mental tools to deal with them.


Once again these are things that aid your fitness journey . They are by no means a necessity. Individuals who already live very conscious lives, know their health, move with ease and have high emotional intelligence can jump right into training at any point and live up to their fullest potential. So can any of us if we’re really ready to make the changes in our current lives.

To live the lives we really want to live.


–   Linus  | Mind&Body Fitness.

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