Everyone who knows me, knows I live and breathe social media. It is literally my job.

If social media ever shut down (forever),  I’ll cry. Lol.

For someone who is on social media every other hour, it’s quite easy to get lost in it. And for an introvert – very addictive, as I’d rather stay home, spend my day on social than go out and socialise.

However, social media for me does more good than bad. That’s why I love it.

I’ve launched businesses, projects, met influential people, made friends, and grew or continue to grow my career and art through it. I’ll be forever grateful.

Albeit not being able to take a complete social media detox – because of my clients’ platforms –  I have taken a 1 week Instagram break from my personal account.

I get on the app to post and engage client queries and then log out. I don’t spend time scrolling down or through stories. There only other content platforms I’m on are Twitter and Pinterest. But they don’t require as much from me so they get to stay.


I’m currently on Day 3 and I think I’m finally coping. On day 1 and 2, I kept fighting the urge to login and just see if there were any urgent or important DMs. I’ve found myself missing some of my favourite accounts, it’s weird.

I’ve also found myself picking up my phone to document a moment and then stop when I realise I can’t (you guys know I snap everything, so you can imagine how hard that is).



The past weeks have had me feeling very overwhelmed  with work, life and the pressure to create (blame it on mercury retrograde), so much that I needed to take a step back on every front to figure out the route I wanted to take with my businesses and personal art. If you haven’t noticed, both Mono and Beso Media have been running a little differently online.

Also, because of the lovely feedback I get from you guys about my Instagram feed, I was feeling the pressure to constantly put out content. I was consuming a lot too. Spending so much time on my favourite accounts, trying to see how I could get my content to look like that.

It got worse on my birthday –  so many messages to respond to, feeling the pressure to share what I was getting up to, which was nothing and then feeling guilty about that.

So I felt then was a good time to take the break. I logged out on Saturday morning and haven’t logged on since.



I love Instagram. It’s highkey my favourite app. But sometimes it gets too much – in the sense that I end up spending too much time on it. My timeline is curated in a way that I love everything I see. So much that I get SUPER inspired to create, recreate and create some more.

That’s where my pressure comes in. Not that I’m jealous or envious of what I see, but because I want recreate all the cool things I see and make it my own.

Taking the break has allowed me to step back and breathe. Pull my thoughts and ideas (these are a lot) together. I’m exploring different ways to approach and execute my art without being extremely influenced by my IG timeline.

The break, has also taken down my IG screen time a whole lot. Which means I’ve been able to do other things like sorting out the living room chest that I’ve been meaning to.

I’ve also been living in the moment and getting to know my siblings, they are actually really nice people. Haha. I kid.

I’m also using this free time to actually create uninterrupted art.



My goal is to do this every month, for my sanity and for my art.

I’ll be back on Saturday, don’t miss me too much. Lol.

Later, Betty.  (Notice how I’m not linking my Instagram? Growth)

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