• Malulu Angula

New business owners and potential business owners need to realise this. 

If anything our system is built for the new guy, the start-up, the lady with killer heels and an even more deadly business plan. 

From accelerators to government institutions set up to assist you with starting up your business, we’re gonna break it down for you real quick. 

So first, if you want to start a business, something you need is a business idea. The best way to come up with one of these is to solve a problem that you currently face.

Entrepreneurship is about problem solving after all and no one will know a problem better than you who’s facing it. 

If the ideas are still taking their sweet time to come you, how about visiting incubator programme events. Think about companies like Dololo here, they are the perfect place to start. Being around other entrepreneurs and business people might inspire you in finding the next great big thing. 

Now that you’ve got a business idea it’s on to the next step, writing your business plan, business model and all around explaining how your business will work to not only investors, but to yourself as well. 

NBII is a great place to get help with this, especially with their business model planning workshops and more. Dololo can help you out over here as well. Don’t be shy to call up and visit these places, they are all about helping fresh entrepreneurs like yourself get started in the biz. 

If you wanna go at it solo, there’s a bunch of resources online that can help you structure these documents. Try the Bank of Namibia website which has templates for business plans and more. 

Now that you’ve got a business idea you think will work (and hopefully some market data that supports it) and your business plan it’s time to get your start up registered. 

Here’s where you go to BIPA. From reserving your business name for cheap cheap, to setting up your business structure BIPA is a great place to do all of this. Visit their website at www.bipa.na for a full list of services that they offer to the young faced, fresh entreprenuer. 

Now that you’ve got the ball rolling with the planning of your business you probably need to talk to investors and pitch your idea around town for funding. We’ll cover all that in our next article.

See you then you start up genius you.


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