You have to share a two-bedroom house – equipped with food, toiletries, and bedding for only two people – with 50 strangers.

After three weeks in these cramped quarters, one of the housemates has a chance to win a massive cash prize.

Namibia here is your chance!

Those who have the courage and perseverance to spend three weeks with 50 diverse strangers in a small space, can enter VIA (DStv channel 147)’s new reality show Trap! Dis my huis by clicking here or going to VIA’s Facebook page and clicking on the link in the post at the top of the page. This link will lead to an online entry form that needs to be filled in to complete the entry process.

Trap! Dis my huis is based on the sensational international TV format called Get the f*ck out of my house. The show got viewers talking in the Netherlands, Germany, and Brazil and the Afrikaans lifestyle channel’s version of this format will be the first iteration of this format on the African continent.

The Challenge

The 50 housemates must spend three weeks in a two-bedroom house without leaving the house. Housemates who feel overwhelmed by the experience have the option of leaving the house and, in the process, the competition at any time. Contestants are also frequently voted out of the house by their fellow housemates.

For the three-week period, the housemates must get by on supplies for only two people, but they will also have the opportunities to obtain more food, toiletries, and bedding for the house. R1 million is saved in the house’s money pot and contestants have the option of using this money to buy supplies for the house. Supplies can also be won by means of mini competitions and games.

The Requirement

Potential housemates must be 18 years and older to enter and must be available for three weeks of filming in October 2019 in Cape Town. Successful candidates must arrange their own transport to Cape Town for filming.

The Winner

The final winner of Trap! Dis my huis will walk away with a minimum of R600 000.

We decided it’s well-suited to our current zeitgeist – the world is a bit wild, confusing, and an unexpected adventure. And so is this format! What’s more, the concept of privacy gets pushed to the limits.-Izelle Venter, channel head of VIA .

Trap! Dis my huis will be broadcast on VIA in January 2020. In association with Elco. The show is produced by Afrokaans, the production company responsible for the current season of Survivor South Africa.

For more information, please visit VIA’s website www.shortaudition.net/Trap-Dis-My-Huis

Good Luck!

Namibia, make us proud!

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