Hey buddy. Hope you are well. 

Let’s talk physical activity. 


So how active are you supposed to be?

A:  Simple. As active as you can be. 


If you have time to be thinking about how active you should be, you should probably be more active.


Yes. There’s no standard across the board, minimum or maximum, when it comes to physical activity. What determines your min & max is your lifestyle and how much you wish to adapt it. Therefore Logically if you have a desk job that requires you to be seated for hours on end, you are more likely to have to worry about getting more physical activity in. 

Therefore it’s confusing for some young adults when they gain weight after leaving the education system and entering an office environment where they are stuck to their desks. This is because there has been a change in lifestyle. The reduction in physical activity may lead to an increase in body weight. Thus limiting the individual’s ability to move.

On the other hand if you finish school and enter an occupation where there is/ was constant physical activity eg. field police officer there may even be improved physical activity.

So where is this article going?

Well the same way most of the articles go.

Advocating for more conscious living. 

Yes, repetitive I know. However that is the key to a lot of different types of locks. Therefore think about the minimums and maximums in this way.

(Minimums and maximums are not limited to the following, but are a good way to start evaluating)



  • Are you able to make it up a single flight of stairs?If not you need to re-evaluate how much you move. 
  • Are you able to play with children for at least ten minutes? No? Re-evaluate.
  • Are you able to go for a walk without feeling like your lungs are on fire? If not, well you know.



  • Right at the point at which it starts affecting the things that make you human. Including your ability to interact with other people. 
  • When you lose the ability to clearly remember what your goal is (The Why) & you’re easily swayed by external influences.
  • When it becomes dangerous to your health. Mental, physical or emotional health.


Remember running can kill you. I know this is usually the part where you’re waiting for the joke, but there isn’t one. So yes, too much of a good thing can kill you. Haha. Still not a joke.

In conclusion move enough for your body to remember that it was meant to move, but don’t do so much that you aren’t able to slow down and appreciate the fact that the track you’re on is pretty decent.

  • Linus | Mind & Body Fitness

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