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This month, Tuwilika shares how Cuba has inspired her style in so many ways.

Tuwilika Nafuka is born in Namibia and currently living in la Habana, Cuba. Her current interests include learning new vernaculars, about the digitalization of health, and understanding Cubans’ obsession with ‘sugar and sugar cane’ as she indulges in cuban coffee.

Toiled in the Namibian Media industry (this seems like a lifespan ago), nowadays she is cultivating her professional career in health to make a substantial impact inspired by the substantial Goals of 2030.

What inspires you in terms of Fashion/Style?

I am presently into washed-out looking colours & cotton; it has been greatly influenced by the fact that I currently live in a very tropical island. This has allowed my fashion sense to evolve and mature. I was never a cotton girl, only silky, nylon and polyester. Now I advocate for cotton-like no other.

Describe your style in 3 words

Comfortable, Minimal and French.

Latest purchase?

On my trip to London, I purchased a NARS foundation in the shade MANAUS and I am in love with it. On the general, the Cuban humidity doesn’t allow one to wear foundation so I use it to cover up my dark spots.

Style/fashion mantra you live by?

Only wear what you are comfortable in. I don’t do uncomfortable!

How has the country/city influenced your style?

I have only experienced 40% of Cuba, which means I have only seen a few shades of colours. The buildings and artwork around Havana where I live is very antediluvian but the art culture is not.
This year in November will mark 500 years of Havana. Outsiders see Cuba as this place stuck in time, and the architecture, monuments and cars tell that story yet the food culture, the people and the daily fashion sense tell you another story. One has to experience it for themselves.
I have learned to be minimal, only purchase what I need based on my interests and never to overindulge. La Habana is a perpetual muse.

If you could raid anyone’s closet, who would it be?

Creative director Asiyami Gold, she has a fashion brand which is very young but it’s the colours that entice me to her and her fashion sense. I would say that the colour scheme of her current collection is very much inspired by Cuban. Long-lasting even when it seems to be fading.

Picture yourself in three years. What are you wearing?

Hopefully, a dress *laughs. Who am I kidding, I am a simple jean, loafers and 100% cotton T-shirt girl. It’s easy to wear really.

If you could name your style, what would it be called?

Minimal colour with a touch of old.

What are your favourite stores to shop at, and can you find them in Namibia?

I have picked up thrift shopping while in Cuba and I will admit that I am addicted. I have discovered some old French and Canadian brands like Petit and c.l.e.o Because Cuba is an embargoed country, international brand stores are priced high none of which are found in Namibia.

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