When tragedy strikes…yet births a new realm of purpose…

Dear Side-Hustle Babe,

I have not written in a while…I battled with the thought of quickly putting my thoughts down or waiting for the process to go full circle before I share…I am glad I waited.

The past few weeks have probably been the start of one of the most painful yet stretching times of my life. Hard as it is to say but – about a week and half ago, I lost my Mother! It still takes all of me to write and admit this but that’s a story for another day.

I was blessed enough to spend a week with her before her passing – although I could not speak to her in the manner I was accustomed to, I am grateful I spent time with her.

In all this, I have had brief moments to reflect and just think about the impact this pain I am feeling could have on every aspect of my being – yes my side hustles included. My need to reflect was primarily because; at one point nothing mattered except helping my Momma get better. But when I learned that I would inevitably lose her – it forced me to ask myself deep questions about the purpose behind what I do – my side hustles included. My resolve led me to write this letter although taking a slight detour from my initial plan regarding my next letter to you.

So at full circle with my Momma in heaven; here’s what I have learned.

Babe, this journey I am on has shown me that pain and hardship are very real and unavoidable parts of our lives (I struggled accepting this because I thought my Momma would be here for as long as I needed). It is how we embrace it and use it to rediscover new parts of our purpose that really matters. If you have been following my letters to you – you will note the emphasis I place on focusing on side hustles that create room for your passion to flourish and always have in mind that your side hustle could one day be your empire. The tragedy my family and I endured has made me more resolute to push harder in my side hustles and better yet has birthed new purpose (which I will share with you soon).

So babe. Will there be days that you feel like quitting? 100% YES! Days that you feel you aren’t just cut out for this? Damn right there will! Yet here I go again – find and focus on a side hustle that you are passionate about, one that has history and most importantly one you see yourself using to change lives!

Trust me. Even tragedy has a beautiful way of birthing purpose.

Until next time.

With All my Love,


Side-Hustle Babe Extraordinaire

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