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Let’s address how we dress.

Does how we dress affect us? 

The answer:

If you want it to. It absolutely does and it absolutely doesn’t.

If getting  dressed up makes you feel like a superhero you’re definitely allowed to embrace it. Allow yourself to get the most from training sessions. If it makes you feel confident and makes you feel like you can tackle anything in your way because you look a certain way, own it. If you want to identify with people who have achieved success due to the fact that they’ve worn certain clothes by all means identify with them. Because, for some of us looking good is feeling good.

However do not allow it to control you. Yes you’re allowed to identify, but be conscious about why you identify with it and do not allow it to hold you back. For many, not having certain training clothes holds them back from pursuing their fitness goals. This is a sad reality, but that shouldn’t be the case.

What you wear should not be the main focus when starting or even maintaining a fitness journey.

What should matter is that there should be a desire to change, because for some feeling good is feeling good. The other factor is whether or not what you’re in feels comfortable. And no that’s not in reference to the zone in which you feel comfortable,but actual physical comfort to move in. 

So with this said. What to look for when purchasing training gear?

* Comfort – this includes everything from how you move in it to how the fabric feels on your skin.

* Technology – does the product offer any Proven technology to enhance your performance and safety.

In conclusion Humans have evolved a lot in the last 1000 years. With that came many advancements. Some things advanced purely for aesthetic. Others with good reason. However at the end of the day humans don’t always need all the extra stuff to well you know, be human. Don’t ever forget that. Go be great!

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