Yverischka Ivertor Bok, founder of SheGotzStyle shares with us her love for fashion and style as we countdown to the official website launch of SheGotzStyle

Yverischka being passionate about justice and equality hoping to some day in the future make a difference in the Namibian Justice System perused her studies in a Bachelor of law degree at the University if Namibia.

In the midst of studies she lost her father; anchor, hero and phenomenal lawyer.

He taught me life’s most valuable lessons which I, to this day, still live by and carry with me in the hopes of being half the person he was.

For Ivertor fashion was a passion fuelled hobby, which is now part of her life.

She had always been interested in fashion even during the course of her modelling career of 9 years where she was crowned Miss Photogenic at Miss Teenager Namibia 2013.

Ivertor started SheGotzStyle on the 18 August 2018, amidst her studies, downfalls and other obligations. She is a strong  believer “You can do it all” and hopes to inspire others to follow their dreams and never limit themselves.

I planned everything perfectly and took my time. I wasn’t hasty, as I was looking at what my ultimate and long term goals are. as well as what I hope to achieve, before executing my dream.

And only once I was ready I started SheGotzStyle.

Today SheGotzStyle offers personal styling, personal shopping for clients who hate having to go and grab things in town. SheGotzStyle currently works with 33 shops worldwide. SheGotzStyle would previously create a catalogue for clients to select and place orders from. With the upcoming launch SheGotzStyle will already have items available for purchase on the website. All items being utterly exclusive.

SheGotzStyle also offers custom online shopping whereby clients can send through any design or downloaded image and we order the item for them. Lastly, they offer closet sweeps and replacements,  styling tips and tricks.

Our main aim is to help clients find their own unique style. Often, clients feel that they can’t wear a certain item, that however is not the case they just do not know how to mix clothes to suitably fit them.


SheGotzStyle will launch their official website in honour of their one year anniversary on the 17th of August 2019.

From 16:00 -21:00 at Madiba’s Corner, Klein Windhoek opposite FNB.

SheGotzStyle  invites leaders in the fashion, media and entertainment industries as well as the public at large to come celebrate this joyous occasion with us.

Tickets are available to purchase for N$ 350 on the Pay Today App, website and vending machines. Welcome drinks and delectable bites, both savoury and sweet are included in the ticket price.

We will have 3 performances; The lovely Lize Ehlers will grace us with her harmonious voice, the energetic Oteya will have musical electricity run through us and of course, the talented violinist, Ronaldo, will express his skills through his violin.

If you’ve heard of the brand this is the time to come see what it is really about.

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