I am a one word type of woman.

The word that best describes me is Passion.

I either do something extremely well, and with passion, or I simply just do not do it. No two ways about it.

I also christen people I encounter with a word (without their knowledge off course), normally it is a word tantamount to the person’s personality, or at least the vibe I get from the person. Nonverbal communication is a powerful language.

I once met someone who literally had me intrigued in the conversation, and I listened to this person for more than ten minutes straight – which to me is an achievement (it takes a lot to entertain my brain), and after the encounter, the word that best described this person and that came to mind was Flamboyant.

Please now, don’t ask me after reading this, what is your word.

I can unfortunately not give you your word if we know each other. (Okay, I might if you pay me?)

But, let’s do this, give yourself the word you think suits you best, and that you think people would remember you for?

You got it? Awesome, live by that word. Write it down. Recreate and Repeat.

Ever since I started with the healthy journey, I have been battling to find out what my relationship with food is and I tried applying my one word approach, but to no avail.

Is my relationship with food out of need, want, greed, or is it psychological?  Am I deep down suppressing something and covering up the possible hurt with food? What hurt? Where is it buried?  Am I an emotional eater? Or do I eat because I am hungry and just never feel full. Or shortly after eating I feel hungry again?

Some of these questions and many more have been keeping me awake at night. Growing older comes with so much more profoundness.

Turmoil I tell you.

I have not yet found the answer, I will share it once I do get to the bottom of this barrel. I just do not know if my heart can handle it.

I have a fairly solid meal plan, thanks to my trainer, we agree on meals, I send her pictures of my meals too, she recommends and cheers and applaud, I adore her, because I definitely need the nudge.

I appreciate and adore you Ems.

Its’s funny how the very closest people to you do not cheer and applaud and celebrate with you. We need you to do that, because we need all the support we can get.

Makes one think, who is for you and who is against you, right?

It’s like complimenting people, we are a nation that doesn’t believe in complimenting each other. No I can’t tell her, that her hair looks nice, because mine doesn’t.

Petty Petty Child.

The one thing I have been battling with these past four weeks, post the healthy journey is sticking to my meals.  As weird as that may sound.  I just do not get to eat the food I am suppose too. I find it as too much eating? I know.

Either my time is limited, or I hardly have an appetite, and when I do, I eat a few spoonfuls and I plan to eat the rest later, and later never comes.  I experience that I have a distinct taste in my mouth. It has been with me ever since I reduced my sugar intake. Maybe withdrawal symptoms? And my relationship with honey is very shaky at the moment. It just has an ugly taste. (This is where I pull my face like a 4 year old).

Is the ‘no sugar’ intake affecting my appetite?

I do not know.

The one thing I do know is I eat now, because I have to.

Because my body needs energy to operate and because I am trying to be true to my journey.


The heart of the home beats in the kitchen and a healthy one beats three times a day

― Bangambiki Habyarimana, The Great Pearl of Wisdom


I am sharing a few pictures of the meals I enticed my palette with.




‘’Curvy Scorpio’’




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