Today’s fashion industry is spreading quickly and keeping up with the Joneses can be a challenge. The fast fashion industry does not only empty your pockets in the long run but is harmful to the environment and your health.

Fast fashion is known to design clothing that doesn’t last long. This system is designed to allow consumers to purchase trendy clothing at an affordable price. The industry undergoes 52 “micro-seasons” instead of two seasons, which encourages consumers to purchase more clothes than they actually need.

All the elements of fast fashion add up to a large impact on the damages of the environment, for example, some branding clothes use toxic chemicals, dangerous dyes and synthetic fabrics which goes into the water supplies when made and washed. Not only does it have bad effects on the environment but also lead to dangerous human health.

The garment worker’s health is constantly under threat due to exposure to harmful chemicals and often physical working abuse in large countries. Your skin is the largest organ of your body and putting some garments and accessories that contain dangerous amounts of lead can increase the risk of abdominal pain, tired, headachy and even more. Leaving Namibia consumers to rethink the fast fashion industry and invest in slow fashion.

The slow fashion industry also increases the opportunity for Namibia fashionistas to create their own clothing brand with mindful manufacturing, fair labour rights and an increase in economic growth. Also leaving consumers to purchase slow fashion and rethink the way of purchasing clothes.

Here are some ways to rethink the way of purchasing clothes:

Buy clothing from sustainable brands and better quality

Support Namibia’s own fashion industry and buy clothes that will last longer, it will cost you more but the clothes will last longer than the fast fashion industry like Factory, Forever 21, and more, you are not only paying for the name of these clothes but also for the harm that goes with it.

Think before tossing out your clothes

Try to repair your clothes with ideas on media and turn your old clothing item into new trendy fashion. Donate your clothes or even start a renting business to increase the lifespan of your clothes. A great example is Andeline Wieland- a Namibian beauty and was crowned Miss Continent 2017, she started a Snow White Project making formal wear choices easier and more affordable.

Handle your clothes with care

The way you wash your clothes also have an impact on how long your clothes will last you. Use an efficient washing machine, wear clothes more than once and don’t use tumble dryers clothes will last longer.

We as consumers are what makes the fashion world go around. By interfering with the system of fast fashion to slow fashion we can force the market to change the system for good and decrease the stress on teenagers and younger adults on spending too much on clothes. Buy smart and not more than you need.

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Veronique Joseph finds joy in writing in Afrikaans and English. She has already written for Troukoors, Glans and busy writing for Bloss Magazine. She recently completed a writing Course at South Africa Writer’s College. Writing about fashion makes her happy and makes her feel alive.

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