By Rautia Nakanyala

It took me a while to realize that to stay floating and happy, you need to protect your environment: protect your energy and peace! We crowd ourselves most of the time with what we don’t need and with people who are a drag, an extra kilo to carry as if you don’t have enough to carry already.

When you’re around someone that has a dark cloud on the head it soon covers you. Bad energy is a contagious disease. You cannot expect to live a positive life when you surrounded by so much negativity. I probably sound selfish right now, but it is so important to be selfish with your energy. It’s so draining when you’re dealing with negative people. Every little setback or a sign of trouble will have them on the edge and that is a dangerous type of energy to have around; you will keep giving your positive energy to them whilst you try to remain positive, but in the end, their negativity soon catches up with you.

Have you ever had a friend that was always negative? They never lift your spirit but instead make you feel drained and worse? We allow all sorts and type of people in our lives for various reasons and sometimes those reasons are not valid.

I always could read energy. I knew when someone didn’t mean well for me or someone around me. My mum always says I am too picky when it comes to people and she is probably right ’cause I just don’t let anyone come into my life. I am not so welcoming cause I got to observe you first and feel your energy. However, I always loved a “project”. I always thought I could “fix” broken people, but I learned the hard way that their broken pieces will only cut you and leave you so drained. Lately, however, I have become more protective of my energy. I truly have no time to feel drained or be negative: not with varsity sucking me dry of my energy. So, I need to stay at peace and filled with positive energy to get me through the day and that leads me to cut out anyone who has bad energy without warning.

Nonetheless, it is very important to be gracious and kind even though in today’s world people mistake kindness for foolishness. Please note, just because I am nice to you, pay you compliments or follow you on social media doesn’t mean I want to be your friend, so you can chill. It’s so sad that betrayal/struggles have made people so used to ‘fakeness’ and has made them blind to the kindness that they don’t realize it anymore.

You become like the people you surround yourself with, so make sure you surround yourself with people that you are striving to be.

Don’t be in a room full of bad energy when you are trying to have good energy. I know there are people we love that brings so much bad energy but it’s okay to say, ‘I love you but you can’t be in my life anymore, I will be praying for you though to find your happy’. It is indeed true that having people around you that will suggest you pray when you’re feeling down or suggest you turn your focus to the positive side of your situation is key to inner peace and that is important.

 Shake off all that drains you and keep working on your energy! Be a ray of sunshine and not a dark cloud carrier and please acknowledge the kindness and spread it!


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