Hey Moms,

The amount of time we spent on social media amidst all the other items on the daily “to do lists” is no secret (It probably should be 😅), but this week I was wondering if that’s such a bad thing?

I mean social media is virtual reality right, and the thing about virtual reality is the amount of control it gives us. From what we choose to see on our newsfeed to who our audience is.

So what if we choose only that which grows, inspires us? What if we made our social media platforms a type of therapy session, where we allow only positive vibes? A virtual sanctuary?

I actually had two conversations the past week that started this train of thought.

One was with a friend who moved into a new place and was wondering whether she should buy a new couch or wait it out for a bit. My advise was that if she could afford to, why not and the sentence that followed in that conversation ministered back to myself just as much as it did to her.

I told her,


 Whatever environment you find yourself in, as much as you have control over, make it as beautiful as you can.


We were referring to their new home at the time but the same applies to our workspace, our headspace, our heartspace & our cyberspace.

The second moment was  whilst listening to a ted talk by a neuroscientist, (I am absolutely fascinated by neuroscience guys, it blows my mind what the human mind is capable of!)

So this lady was sharing how our human brain doesn’t differentiate between virtual experiences and real experiences. 

(Which is what is used in medicinal hypnotherapy to cure irrational phobias, so they simulate your worst fears happening, you go berserk and then you realise its actually not that bad and poof, there goes your phobia.)


Anyways this explains why you can get so immersed in a television series and get anxious, angry because “Kagiso is blind and Brutus is a bad influence etc etc….”

It also explains why words have the power to take you to joy, laughter or deep sadness. I mean words are just words. But the virtual reality they paint is what we react to.

So imagine a news feed that tells you:

” I understand…”

“You are Loved!” 

“Me too…” 

“You can lose the weight, I did.” 

“Or I am a recovery alcoholic.” 

Or “It’s not you, it’s them, those kids are crazy.”

“Just buy the bottle of wine Mamma, you need it.”


Yes, you get to create a virtual community. A family, a place of belonging. 

And that’s amazing. 


… I’d like to share some of my favorite bloggers & instahandles, both local and international that make up my personal community. 



They always posts little statements I can relate to. 


Anele is such an inspiration. I love how she loves her body and lives authentically. Oh & her dresses too. 


Let’s just say  “if love is beautiful was a person” 

Did you guys see the image of the groom that was crying. Ahhhh man. 

I don’t know how she manages to get all the most beautiful couples to shoot. 


Something about her, must be the flowers…I love her vibe. 



First of all, that filter on her instahandle gives me life. 

Second of all. Such consistency. 

Lastly, Girl Boss. 

Also who makes wearing oversized blazers look so fancy?! 

When I grow up, I want to be Betty. 


Monochrome Magazine

(MonoMom😉of course) but of course, and all their other cool content! 

Dear MonoMom, I dare you to craft your cyberspace to the T. 

Block, unfollow, delete, “refollow” , if anything like that exists! 


May it hold your fragrance and may that fragrance always be a beautiful one.



Liv (@justlivi3107)

Etse guys, I think we forgot about the kids?!

Oh well, next time.


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