Hey buddy 

Hope you are well. If not as usual, we’ll try change that or at least make it better. 

How? Well we’re going to talk about some cool stuff to bring you to a more conscious state when training. Because conscious actions are cool. There isn’t anyone or anything that would convince me otherwise.

So you’ve been hitting the gym hard or you’ve been training real consistently, yet those aren’t translating into result yet. Well here’s something you may need to be looking in to, The Mind-muscle/body connection.

Sounds complex right? It is anything, but. Allow me to explain. Our existence As human beings is proof that we are one of nature’s most adaptive machines. Yes I called us machines. Not to get into the mechanism aspect of the comparison, because that in itself is an entire article. However we will talk about the fact that we are made up of different parts (organs/limbs) that each serve their own functions and function together as a unit to perform a particular task.

For us our task is functioning in our daily lives. Now that we’ve established and understand what it is we’re talking about we can continue with the example. So different parts form part of this structure called our existence. That means each part serves a function with everything that we do. 

Therefore the best way to get the most out of our existence and anything that we do, is to make sure every part in the system works as well as it possibly can. That definitely gives rise to some questions. Like ”What if all the parts in the system don’t work together?” Better yet ”what if parts within the structure are broken?”


That is where a certain level of awareness and consciousness comes in. What that means is that you need to:


  1. Listen to your body.
  2. Learn to interpret the message your body sends
  3. Learn to have difficult conversations with yourself 
  4. Come up with solutions from a positive if not objective position.


If you think any of these two questions apply to you here are some steps to getting back on track.


  1. Identify that’s something isn’t working
  2. Identify what isn’t working. Generate multiple possibilities as to why this isn’t working.
  3. From the different possibilities generate multiple possible solutions 
  4. Pick a solution that you feel works best with your situation
  5. Apply the solution 
  6. Evaluation of the solution. If the solution works, you keep it. If it sort of works, see where modifications can be made. If it doesn’t work discard it and  move on to the next best possible solution.
  7. Make note of it. Whether it be a mental note or a written one, because you might have to fight this battle again.


So let’s put it in context. 


A muscle or work out technique of choice: 


  1. Identify your dissatisfaction ?
  2. Identify why you are dissatisfied 
  3. List the different ways in which you can train that muscle
  4. Pick a variation that works for you and what you’re trying to achieve
  5. Apply the variation / training technique 
  6. Evaluate if it works. This only applies if you stay consistent with applying the solution.
  7. Make not of what you observed about your thinking process and physical actions throughout the process of dealing with this issue.


Now remember, as a machine include all the necessary parts when training.

That includes your mind.

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