People have BEEN asking this question for years now but it’s 2019 and blogs are still live and well.

Blogging is not dying, as with everything – it is simply just changing.

It is of the notion that with every new social media platform coming out and thriving, people are reading less. But since 1994, blogging has simply evolved. People have launched careers and businesses off of blogging. And I don’t think it’s going to die anytime soon.

However, bloggers are going to have to roll with the times to stay relevant by keeping and increasing their audience.

Here’s why I think blogs are still relevant:

Social media can only do so much

Yes, social media is great but do you remember how almost devastating (I may be exaggerating) it is when Instagram, Twitter or Facebook is down? Especially for content creators who make money off social media?

Imagine if social media platforms went down for an entire week? Month? Forever? What would your fall back be?


Your blog.

We don’t have much control over social networks because they could flunk any day (see MXit, Google+, Vine) but your site/blog, the chances of that happening are quite slim (unless of course your domain expires or your developer holds it hostage.)

Blogs act as online portfolios

As much as people spend time on social media,your blog acts better as your online portfolio/CV. It allows clients, brands, customers to understand you and what you have to offer faster than scrolling down your Instagram/Facebook. It actually saves them time.

Blogs also act as an archive/gallery… because 5 years later you can still easily have access to something you wrote years ago.

Blogs are great sources of information

Magazines and print houses are all going digital, experts are sharing their knowledge using blogs in all areas of possible human interest. Fashion, health, fitness, food, being a mom/parent, social issues, history, music and so much more.

When you need information where do you go? Google right? You search something and plenty of blog sites come up, yes?

Whether you want to know how to style a blazer or make a chicken casserole, there’s a blog post for that.

Blogs are an abundance of information, if there’s a reason why they will forever stay relevant, this is why.

More blogs are being created every day, even more people are thriving off the brands they have created for themselves through their blogs. People have gone from fashion bloggers to fashion designers, to authors, to industry experts all because they started a blog one day.

The first blog was created in 1994, 25 years ago. They aren’t dying anytime now.

Bloggers will just need to tap into content multiverse.

Today’s reality is that content takes on many forms – videos, infographics, gifs, podcasts, eBooks, etc.
 Blogging is increasingly morphing into video blogging or vlogging, with YouTube being one of the preferred
 channels to deliver these videos.


Maximise social media. Invest in your skill. Find new ways to create captivating content.

Because blogs aren’t dying, they are simply evolving.

And if you are still thinking about starting that blog… Just go and do it right now. There will never be a more perfect time.


Till next week. (I promise)

Betty Sibeso

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