• Rautia Nakanyala

I find myself in the midst of living, moments of gratitude stealing my attention, to focus on the moment even if it’s just for a second. To grasp my mind around my life at the moment and find gratitude in it. My journey has left me in awe of just how mighty God is and the power of following your purpose.

We get so easily caught up in people’s lives, we look at them and think they are happy, so we instantly decide we want what they have, we want to live life like them, thinking it’s their journey that leads to happiness. Please stop! The only journey that leads to happiness is your own divine purpose journey that was tailored according to what sets your soul on fire.

If we focus more of our time on ourselves, finding gratitude in our journey and living this one life we have, happiness will call us home. When I started PersonalizeShopperSa my uncle told me this, “Try it all (your gift/passion) and if it doesn’t work, don’t be afraid to end it and start over.” That has stuck on me like glue, it has made me be able to jump into my dreams without fear because I am not afraid to fail or start over anymore. What I am afraid of is being ordinary, living a normal life again, afraid of believing in myself and my abilities and accepting what society deems suitable for and what life hands me. I don’t want what everyone else wants or what’s society consider “normal”, I want my life, this messy, rollercoaster life because it gives me the thrills. I want this life that keeps me on edge, that gives me great peace and joy because I chose it for myself, I didn’t accept what life handed me and oh boy, it leaves me with gratitude even on a crazy day where I am running like a headless chicken from one mall to another.

That is the life we are all so deserving of, the life that makes sense to us, keeps our soul burning and gratitude in our hearts. If you’re trying to live a life of your dreams and it doesn’t look like what you thought but it feels like it, keep going and count it all joy because it’s during the storm, new growth and wisdom is formed.

The picture takes years to come together but the journey is where the joy lays.

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