This entry is more for me than it is for you. Lol.

There are times my to-do list gets so overwhelming that I don’t make the time to sit and write a That’s BS entry. Also, because I feel no one would notice if I didn’t.

However, being consistent is something I value very much and I’m trying to do better with the content I promise and want to put out.

So if you struggle with being consistent with your content, I’ve found a few ways that will help both me and you in consistently creating a lot of content.

Write every idea down

Ideas hit us every other time and I think if you develop a system where you write all your thoughts and ideas down when they hit you, you will never run out of content ideas.

So make a list of everything you’d like to do on your blog or platform. And then pick something to work on every week (depending on your publish date).

Spread out your list to things you can do in a month or 6 months time. And then work on them accordingly.

Plan. Plan. Plan.

If you aren’t getting any hits, visit the world’s favourite catalogue and find something like this:




Write or create in advance

There’s no point in writing lists on lists if you don’t plan to execute what’s on said list.

Set out a day to create heaps of content in advance.

Pick 4 topics on your list – write, take pictures, plan captions and social media releases.

Imagine having a month’s worth of content just waiting to be released? I’d pick that over stressing every Sunday because a That’s BS blog post needs to go up tomorrow and I have no idea what I’m writing about. *true story


Good is Good Enough

You won’t always have the perfectly received post. Sometimes it won’t be better or more fun than the previous one.

But it will still be good enough to post. So just post it.

Don’t dwell on having perfect blog posts, especially not for other people. If it’s good enough for you, share it. Someone out there needs to read or hear it.


Leave room for spontaneous content

If you’re like me, content ideas spring up on you every hour. Making your list even longer. Sometimes you get an idea that would be perfect for right now. Because the timing is just right.

Go ahead and post it. Don’t put it at the back of the list, especially if you are excited about it. Do it. Now.

I hope we’ll all stop giving excuses now about why blog posts aren’t up when they are supposed to. Let’s be consistent, together. Please.

Till next week,

Betty Sibeso

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