I know you have been experiencing a whole lot of mood dips of late,

I know it because its all too common this time of the year.

And I know deep down you’ve been feeling guilty about…. well almost everything.
…from ignoring that email, to enjoying a glass of wine a few too many times during the week…
…oh and you haven’t submitted your deadlines and have not called back a friend in a few days…

I also know that you feel guilty about, not only the things that didn’t go as planned but even those that turned out better than planned…the beautiful space you just moved in, and for saying no to a commitment you had made earlier…

…there’s guilt about being so tired…and you feel like a little ungrateful brat for not really appreciating all the good that’s been happening.

I know it Mommy, I see you.

Because you’ve been conditioned to strive and sweat so much that it is hard to just let life be easy.

The only life worth living is the one that didn’t come easy they say…so we walk day in and day out, feeling the familiar relief of another hard day’s work, swimming against the current or the familiar and reoccurring trauma of heartbreak and toxic relationships. 

Isn’t that a syndrome on its own?
When you anxiously wait for the storm to rise.
When you don’t trust the peace and the joy is kinda too loud.

Too good to be true they say.

Well, “they” in this instance being the “imposter syndrome”…

On & on it whispers…

“You are not a good mom,”
“You are a fraud”
“It will fall apart, you just wait…”

Exhale child, its okay.
You too, deserve the sunny bright day.
You too, deserve all the good breaks that have been coming your way.

You deserve an occasional day of sleeping in late, well sometimes more than one day.

The only fraud here is the voice in your head.
Even if everything is a little less than perfect,
You are doing your best and its absolutely ok.

And when it comes,
Welcome the break of dawn.
Invite it in..
Release the pressure…
He feeds His loved ones whilst they sleep, The Word says.




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