By Rautia Nakanyala

Do you still recognize love for what it is or do you think love comes with conditions now? 

I love to love, the people in my life that I love, can tell you that I take every single opportunity to show up for them (that’s my love language) and not only to tell them but to let the world know I love them. To love is in my nature and it shows in my kindness toward acquaintance, clients and strangers. I show up for my loves and that’s a fact. I am there and they know it.

However, I have realized people are so scared and so bruised that, they don’t know how to accept kindness or love for what it is anymore; if you too kind, they think you want something from them or you being fake and same being with loving them, they always think there’s an ulterior motive behind it. There are still people who love and are kind just because they simply believe in its power and being genuine. 

Then there are people who think, you are being extra when you are praising a loved one on social media, well I am that extra person (lol) or the ones who always have a negative thought or comment when they see people loving on each other on social media. Well, if it’s a relationship and it ends, it simply means it has served its purpose and same applies for friendship. Keep hate out of your heart, hate is a disease that eats your soul, dims your light and stops your blessings. That’s not what you want for yourself. Don’t you think it’s such a beautiful feeling knowing you have loved with all your heart and soul anyone that has come into your life, that you leave them better human beings, that they don’t need healing after you because you didn’t scar them?

You left them beautiful.

We all love differently but no one who genuinely loves, loves expecting anything in return, they do it because it simply brings them joy. What majority of people fail to understand is that love has no timeline and loving someone can look completely different from what we know or see but mostly we forget that loving someone is a choice we make, to love despite they roller-coaster they make us go through or the moments we just want to strangle them for the poor choices they make; A choice that can last for eternity. A choice that we should feel privileged and honoured that they love us despite our human flaws because it’s rare, nobody wants to deal with anyone’s flaws anymore. 

People are kind because it’s the right thing to do but mostly they practice it daily. Personally I have no hate bone in my body, I might stop talking to you, build a bridge between my world and your world but when you call from your side, needing help, I am there, no questions asked. It’s who I am, it’s what I believe in, it’s the very reason I believe life has been kind to me and I’ve been blessed with people who will go to war for me because they know I will do the same. Be gentle with your loves.

To my generation especially as we are adulting, let people be kind to you and to love you, let yourself believe in them so you can too, be kind and love someone else and the world can be lighter and more beautiful. To love and be loved will always be the greatest gift we give each other, it’s the air beneath our wings and our legacy, the hearts we have touched by loving them.


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