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Hey buddy. How are you today? How are you really ? Whether you skip that question or not is a good indicator of how comfortable you are with sitting with yourself and asking some important questions. 

Again, ideas shared through this article are inclusive, but not limited to the full extent of the concepts covered within the articles.

Here’s why this is important. If you aren’t comfortable with sitting with yourself through awkward, scary or just generally uncomfortable conversations, you’ve already put yourself at a higher risk of being easily manipulated into believing that you may need a magic pill or a magic potion to solve any difficulties you may or may not have.

This is a truth in life, therefore almost equally it is a truth in training. As human beings there are various manners in which we deal with ourselves, situations, individuals and circumstances. 


Some proven to be more efficient than others.

Some proven to be more practical than others.

Some proven to be more creative than others.


This, for good reason. As humans we are diverse and that diversity brings along different ideologies.


However risks associated with having such diverse approaches includes having conflict amongst these different ideologies. In turn this may give birth to conflict between ideologies and not conflict between the ideas that these ideologies present. Now if you would bare with me, one should obviously be able to tell the difference between the two. However that is not the case with the larger part of the population, to whom a lot of health and fitness products are sold to.  


Here is where we come back to our opening question.

How are you today?


If an individual is not able to have such conversations with themselves about their own wellbeing, how is it that they can have important conversations about their lifestyles ? Does it sound far fetched to you?


Well let’s look at it again. If an individual is unable to engage themselves on a analytic level how do they expect to question lifestyle choices in an analytic manner, to question spending habits in an analytic manner and most importantly their belief systems. 

No belief systems are not limited to religion. The belief system I’m talking about here is the system you have running within you that informs your parameters of effort and or consciousness.

Now considering the fact that ideologies within life and fitness are already in conflict, add to that an individual who is unable to question their lifestyles in a healthy manner. This could possibly be a recipe for disaster. That’s what today’s article was focused on. Magic pills and magic potions. How swayed are you by the promise of great results with the least amount of effort. Some promises even include no effort at all.

So do pills and potions work ?

They definitely do, well some of them and only to a certain extent. Having said that pills and potions won’t give you an analytical perspective on how to view your life. They may or may not make most of the difficulties a little easier to bare with,but you’ll always have to do the work yourself if you’re going to have lasting lifestyle changes. Sometimes that includes a little help.



Don’t get lost in the battle of ideologies and forget that ideas are what forms ideologies.

Start getting comfortable with uncomfortable situations.


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