My relationship with money has always been a struggling one.

I had always been content with what I have yet still working my ass off to have more.

A never ending paradox.

I know what’s it’s like to not have money. I know what it’s like to solely depend on yourself. 

I’m glad that I have managed to come to a place where none of those two sentences are still the case. Though the base of my work ethic is exactly that of those two sentences.

My parents instilled ‘hard work” in us from a young age. As an overachiever, I’ve always had the need to excel in everything I do. Especially because I didn’t come from a well off background, I had to work hard for everything. I also had to accept not having a lot of things because my parents would not have money for it.

Which resulted in me not asking them for anything and eventually accepting that I JUST was one of those kids who wouldn’t have a phone, the nice clothes or toys that the other kids had.

So I made up for it by working hard in my grades, doing sports, attending church religiously (before I became an atheist), just doing the most. Because I needed to work hard to finish school, go to varsity, get a good job and buy everything I’ve ever wanted.

My siblings and I never got “pocket money”, we only ever got money when we needed it for something IMPORTANT. That inspired my entrepreneurship journey. At a young age I started braiding people for money, selling cookies, I even started crocheting doilies with my mom. I loved the idea of making my own money.

In varsity I continued to braid my aunties and friends for money and would take up a few jobs where I could, to make money.

My relationship with money has always been that I had to have it, had to work (very hard) for it and that the little I would have is enough.

Up until the recent years I didn’t think I could have it in abundance, I didn’t think I deserved it. Trauma, obviously.

But after I started living in my purpose, doing what I love and making money from it, I learned I could indeed attract money in abundance. I’ve had to learn that I didn’t have to sweat, suffer and cry to have money.

That I was deserving of all the nice things in the world just like the next person. That I didn’t have to slave away behind the desk for someone else and accept a meagre pay check, that there were different ways to attract and receive money abundantly.

I’ve had to discover financial wellness.

I’ve had to develop a conscious and purposeful relationship with money that is satisfying and isn’t overly stressful.

I’ve had to determine my values, which are basically providing for my siblings and I. Having a roof over our heads, being able to eat everyday, going to school/work. Being able to enjoy certain things in life. Staying debt free, saving (still failing, but it’s an important value to me) and basically, not struggling.

The above is why I work and why I make money. That is what my money is for. Survival.

But I’d like to grow my money to enjoy even greater things in life and use it as a tool to make an impact for other people in the world.

Yesterday I did Karen Powell’s money blocking exercise to help me determine some of my money blocks and how to shift my mindset when it comes to money. What an important exercise that was.

I learned a few things about myself that I do in my everyday life that I didn’t know where hindering me.

One thing that stood out was how resentful I feel about the pay I sometimes receive for the work I do or for my time. 

And then learning that it may be because I need to realise my worth and start charging accordingly or that it’s time to raise my rates.

As my sense of self-worth grows, so does my income.

-An affirmation/mindset shift by Karen Powell


I’m 27, 2 years in my entrepreneurship journey, with a load of responsibility; I’ve had to unlearn and relearn a lot of things about money and financial wellness. Personally and for my businesses.

But my journey with setting it right only starts now. I am now consciously working on attracting the money I want, letting it flow perfectly, joyfully and abundantly to me. As I live my purpose, working joyfully to being the force for good in the world I want to see.

I am grateful for the money I have had and for the money that is currently flowing to me.

Check out Karen Powell’s website, do the free course. Trust me it will do you great good.

What is your relationship with money like? 


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