They are:

Young and sizzling hot,

Very ready and able,

Arrogant and sexy,

And the list goes on and on….

I blame this FB syndrome on generational gaps.

Generational gaps create huge variances when it comes to beliefs, politics and values.

I wish I was at liberty to say most men in their twenties are FB’s but I will be lying, because some Grandpa Baes out there are also aiming to be rewarded for their bodily actions.

My colleague calls me one morning, with a highly pitched voice in an open plan office set up and she commands me to her desk.

I immediately hurry to her desk and without saying anything, she hands me her phone to read a text message.

The message reads:

’Hey Baby, you were awesome last night, I can still smell you on me.

Baby, please buy me an Issey Miyake perfume and a pair of Air Max. I will return the favor by doing what I do best. See you later.’’

I walked away and I could not stop laughing. Now, this colleague is a very prim and proper lady and she squirms at even the remotest message of anything south of bedroom talk.

She asked me what Issey Miyake and Air Max was. Poor Granny.

I myself took a run around this very same block Once Upon a Time.

He clearly first charmed the ‘’granny’’ – I call most of my female friends above 30 that, including myself, and then he went in for the kill and asked her for pricey gifts.

The sad truth about the dating pool in our country is, there is little to no decent men left for us, and we become lonely, and desperate and then lo and behold a fresh piece of someone arrives and you are convinced at the time that it is straight from heaven and he flatters you and does all the right things and you decide after listening to that little voice within, maybe this is it.

You believe all the BS you are being sold by a most likely high school dropout or uneducated boy in his 20s.

The relationships explodes to greater heights when you physically connect and the SEX is MINDBLOWING.

Missionary what?

One round what?

Your body aches for days after the first encounter.

Your undies get wet when you recall how he grabbed you and shoved you against the wall and ripped off your clothes, you imagine how that could qualify as a scene for an adult movie, and you wonder what on earth you did to deserve this.

However the part which you blatantly ignore is that your FB does not like hard labor, or any labor at all, except for the labor performed on you.

Total Bummer!

He has no ambition, the only ambition he has is to extort money from you.

Soon you hand over your car, or you buy him one and your ATM card with pin or a secondary card makes its way to him and life is good.

Once he has sucked you dry, he leaves you high and dry too.

FB Grandpa Bae operates similarly the difference lies in his maturity.

Date number 2 the marriage talk has already been brought up and even if it is the oldest trick in the book, we fall for it EVERYTIME!

He targets older, stable and insecure woman.

Of course he has his own money, is well educated, has a good job, and whisks you on weekends away and romantic dates.

His money does the minimal, as the relationship progresses. He bamboozles you out of your money, to maintain his lifestyle.

You are aware of him, in and around you in his absence. He makes you feel as if you are the only woman on this earth.

Physically, the sex is so much better, he knows that your garden has been dry like the Kalahari for a long time, so with a few touches here and a few nibbles there, he awards you with so much feel good hormones and you release your purse.


Shame on all of you out there for courting woman for what they can offer monetary wise and not for who they are.


Love is not Money– Anke




‘’Curvy Scorpio’’


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