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This week we discuss relationships and training. Oh yeah we’re getting a little close and personal this week. As humans our very existence means we all have relationships. So don’t get too carried away with the concept of romantic relationships. That’s a completely different conversation we’ll be getting into at a later stage.

This conversation is addressing how training could affect the relationships that we have within our daily lives. The ultimate question is “Does training affect relationships? “. If so, is it a positive or a negative influence?

The truth is, whether we like it or not, training definitely affects relationships.

It not only affects the relationships we have with ourselves, but also the relationships we have with other individuals. Also known as intra and inter relationships. These, though very different, are interconnected.

Reason being, training changes individuals physically and mentally, thus ultimately changing how they perceive things. Now this is where it gets a little tricky. Why? Well because if things change, things should change. Individuals who pick up the positive habit of training often want to hold on to negative habits or relationships from their past. 

This is almost impossible. Like I said. If things change, things should change. It is impractical to live in two not only separate ,but also opposing ways. The reason for this is simple. These two lives are structured differently in concept and in action. The one is a conscious way of living while the other may be a more toxic way of living.

Why do people struggle with relationships when they start training? Well there could be various reasons. Allow me to highlight two.

  1. An individual does not start training with a conscious understanding of who they are and what their goals are, therefore increasing risk of easily being swayed and possibly having some trouble with their identities.
  2. Individuals do not communicate with the individuals that they have relationships with about how different the relationship may be because of training, thus possibly causing conflict due to lack of communication &/ understanding.

If you thought that was complicated let’s add another level of complexity. Imagine trying to bridge the gap between a past life with a new one by over compensating with the new positive habit so much that it takes away from the time you have to spend with positive loved ones.

In one of our previous articles we touched on how training can be negative. You could always revisit it. But in essence, it is essential that individuals make sure that they find a healthy, key word being HEALTHY manner in which to either change or learn to incorporate their new found positive habits.

Needless to say, there is no one size fits all type of solution for these types of adjustments and the best thing for individuals would just be to be conscious and understand themselves. Once they’ve done that they can understand the types of relationships they have with themselves and with others, thus allowing them to find solutions contextually.

Training shouldn’t mean the end of a relationship, but it could.~L.KI

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