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Hey buddy

Hope you are well. I really hope you are, especially considering that we’re going into the festive season. Now before we get into it. I know some of what is going to be shared in this article may not be the most popular, but someone has to say these things. Whether you give it any thought or not is 100% up to you.

So, the idea now is if you’re doing well that’s great, you should definitely make sure to keep taking care of yourself. If you aren’t doing so well you can definitely see this as an opportunity and time to get to a better place.

And no. This does not mean you should deprive yourself from having a good time. It just means you should be very conscious about what you consider to be a “good time” and to what extent, because even when having fun, our actions could have negative consequences for ourselves &/ other people. Therefore we should be aware of it and plan on possible solutions.

So what is it that I’d recommend? Simple. Challenge your idea of fun. Are there activities you can enjoy that are beneficial to your wellbeing. Are there places that you can go to that are fun that could be a safe space to contribute positively to your wellbeing? Are there people you can associate yourself with and spend time with that could mean a safe space for your positive growth ?

But ultimately the question remains. Do you want to challenge yourself or do you want to stay in the same place you’ve been for the past 2-10 years? What we should realize is that change only happens when things change and change only happens when we want it to happen. What we need for this though is for us to acknowledge that where we are is not the place we want to be.

That is the most important part. You can read all the articles and get all the best advice money can buy. If you do not make it personal and be honest with yourself about whether the way you’re living your life is the way you want to be living it, you might never get to where you want and most probably need to be.

But see, here’s the current opportunity. It is festive season. It is the one time in the year that you get an opportunity to calibrate yourself. It is the one time where people are generally in an elevated mood and the atmosphere is the most relaxed. Are you going to grab this opportunity or are your hands still holding onto the old life that does not serve you and that you don’t want?

On that note we have reached the end of this year’s Fitness buddy articles. From the Mind&Body Fitness team and myself Linus I really wish you a very safety and happy festive season which includes a merry Christmas and a happy new year.


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