Hello There,

How is everyone doing?

How was your weekend?

My weekend was extremely blessed, I felt the glory of the Lord all around me.

I know, you would much rather be on holiday than pushing papers right?

But hey, another day, another dollar.

This time of the year, has many a people out there, including myself doing some real stiff self-analysis of what was and what is to come and what makes this even more noteworthy is the fact that we are coming to the end of a decade.

Where were you ten years ago in your life?

Who were you?  What is that one word that would describe you? What was your dreams and aspirations?

Where did you see yourself in the next five to ten years?

Have you reached the short and long term goals you have set out for yourself, if you had any?


Let me think, ten years ago,

I was a very confused and opinionated 28 year old, very goal orientated and carrying huge responsibility on my shoulders by managing other people at my then job.

I am telling you that is the worst thing one can be tasked to do, at that tender age, as I was way younger than my sub ordinates and I did not have an effective support system to help me steer the ship.

The one word that would describe me back then is ‘’Ambitious’’, however, I still am.

I definitely saw myself ten years ago as becoming a very successful published author.

I was also entangled in a very awkward ‘’situation ship’’, that whole, being with someone to get over the other person crap. – Please don’t do that to yourself ever, it does not work.

I owned a property by then and was saving towards buying my first car. A very proud pedestrian still.

I also recollect that I had no desire to be a mother or to be a wife, even though the person I kept myself busy with then, tried to set a date for a possible wedding.

Ten years later,

I am a solid 38 year old woman and mother who most definitely are a bit crazy at times, however I know exactly what I bring to the table and what I expect at my table, and I refuse to settle for half ass anything, half ass friendships, half ass efforts towards me, half ass love, half ass anything!

Ten years later I feel like I can kick my own butt, for not settling down when I had the chance, even though it might have been a ‘’dololo’’ chance, at least it was something right?   As commitment seem to be running away from me now, as I did back then.

I am also pretty sure that I want to exit the corporate world in the next two years and be a full time stay at home mother and live entirely in my purpose and be a house wife, who makes cute lunch boxes, have tea dates and do school pick-ups.

And this should be paired with a free standing house with a pool and a white picket fence.

I know, I know.


Hey, my dreams are valid.

So, with that said, I thought about what was my highlights and lowlights for 2019:


My 2019 Top 5 Highlights:


  • Establishing a solid and closer relationship with God and being in awe of his wonderful works daily,
  • Being able to move a step closer to becoming a learned woman,
  • Being able to drive home during lunch time and still have a sit down meal with my son, and have ample time to get back to work, all done within one hour.
  • Being able to challenge myself physically and persevering,
  • Making an informed decision and coming back to a place I only realized was home, once I left.


My 2019 Top 5 Lowlights


  • With making an informed decision to relocate, having to leave my son behind in my sister’s care whilst I attended to a million and one pending things in my life, experiencing real physical pain daily because of this,
  • Losing the love of my life for the umpteenth time, I just do not seem to get tired of the run around I am given, shem
  • Having to hear the phrase ‘’it’s not you, it’s me, a million times, in words and deeds,
  • Fighting the evil spirit of depression on a daily basis,
  • Having to move away from a really good, emotional support family structure.

What are your top 5 high and low lights?

Hoping I could make you think and pen down some thoughts.


Sending you some light and love


PS: Your dreams, whatever they may be, are valid!



‘Curvy Scorpio’’



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