For many a vision board works as a clear soundboard of what you want in life or that year.

It helps you stay focus on what is important to you.

A vision board doesn’t necessarily have to be an arts and crafts project. Jotting down your goals and visions on your notes app or in your notebook can count as a vision board. The only aim of the vision board is that it stays in eye’s view. Something you look at every day. A constant reminder of what you are working towards.

No matter what you believe about yourself, no matter how much self-doubt you have, a vision board done right will slowly begin to transform your inner belief system into one which is more confident, certain, and self-motivated. –

Here are 3 benefits of creating a vision board:

  1. A vision board creates an emotional connection that motivates you
  2. A vision board makes real the dream in your mind so you begin to believe it’s possible
  3. A vision board helps you clarify what you want out of your life because it forces you to put something down

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