It’s a little over a week since we’ve been back at work and last week I failed miserably at getting back into the 5 AM club. 

Starting the day early is important to me as it determines how productive my day will be. 

If I wake up later than 7:30 it means my day will only start at 9:30. And that’s already too late. 

My regular or ideal routine is waking up early before everyone does, preparing and going through my tasks for the day as well as tasks for my team. Having a cup of coffee or tea while the world is still silent. 

And then having a full day to look forward to, ticking off one task at a time with ease. 

After failing last week I finally managed to wake up at 5am. I’m back in club, baby. 

Here’s what my routine looks like (today) in detail. 

5am. Wake up.

  • Brush Teeth 
  • Make coffee/tea 
  • Turn on computer 
  • Check and reply to emails 
  • Prepare social media posts
  • Do some design work

7am. Go for my morning run

  • Shower
  • Get dressed for the day (PJs, T-shirts and tights if I don’t have any meetings or errands to run. If I do, I get dressed for heading out.)

8am. Get back to work. 

  • I do mostly social media work at this time
  • Email tasks to my team
  • Send drafts/ do design work

11:30.  Heading out for an 12pm meeting

  • Delivering calendars
  • Delivering client event’s invites

13:00. Back home/studio

  • Take lunch break

14:00 Back to work 

  • Check emails
  • Check social media 
  • Do some design work 

16:30 Knock off time. 

This is when I laze around on my couch, watch some Netflix while I wait for dinner. If I’m not the one on duty. 

I sometimes get back to work around 7pm, just to finish off the day’s loose ends, reply to important emails, prepare tomorrow’s social media and my to do list. 

And then I’m in bed by 10 pm. Or should be. 

My goal and intention for this week is to continue waking up at 5 as hard as it is at the moment. Write my to do list the night before.  Go for my morning run everyday. Knock off at 5pm. And sleep at 10pm.

What are your goals and intentions for this week?

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