I have been thinking lately. Well, I think a lot all the time actually.

Random thoughts, and those thoughts trigger the writing.  I get asked, how do you come up with your topics? Do you plan it in advance?

Nope, I don’t.

These thoughts, trigger the writing and of course my own life experiences.

For the past 24 months, it felt as if I only got to know myself for the first time.  It is evolving into being quite a fascinating journey.

The feeling is similar to falling in love, but better, falling in love with myself, because I discover new things about myself that I was not aware of.

I have been made aware of how people compromise in relationships and a certain compromise does not sit well with me, so I want to share some thoughts about it with you, and have a candid conversation with the ladies out there.

I can confidently tell you that 99% of people in ‘’supposedly’’ happy relationships, are not happy, and that they are constantly looking for adventure somewhere else. So many people around me are unhappy in relationships, and that is because of COMPROMISE. 


Society makes us believe we are a failure if we are not in a relationship.

Look, there is nothing wrong with compromising, however, it is how we compromise nowadays, just to be acknowledged that we are in some sort of relationship/marriage? Admit it, you know how hooked up people judge unhooked up people. You even look at us funny. You think I don’t notice?

MXIIM! I see you.

I am seeing how people are compromising on their relationship with God and their children.  I do not know which one is shoddier really.

In my books both are totally an uncouth act.

If I end up meeting someone tomorrow that I like, I would definitely want to know if he has some form of spiritual life/interest, if he says no, then I would say: Good Day Sir, Nice meeting you sir, and carry on sir. 

End of Story. There is no room for compromise there.

I am not saying I am without sin or better than other people and I know I am treading on very dangerous grounds by discussing spirituality, but to be honest, for me, it is NOT NEGOTIABLE.

I just cannot wrap my head around how we can negotiate on anything that goes against our upbringing and our beliefs. How can you make another person your priority and push your children to the back burner? How can you make another person your priority and push God to the back burner?  Is your coochie really the only thing that matters here?

It would be insane, for someone with my upbringing, and my mother would turn in her grave (Bless Her Soul), if I end up marrying a person who plainly just does not believe in God or who does not actively serve God. So I can unfortunately not compromise on that. 

I was brought up by a stout Christian mother and father, why would I possibly go for something else, and do not even try to tell me rebellion can make you do something that crazy. Or love. It is sickening.

What will we possibly have in common, apart from fighting when I have to go worship?  Believe me, fighting there will be.

Another scenario, I meet someone and he from day one has no liking in my son. Do I continue?

Some might say yes, because he makes me feel soft and mushy and I have butterflies in my tummy and….

I say NO!

He can be sending me to O – Heaven multiple times, I will divorce him and O – Heaven from my life immediately.  Someone who does not accept my child, or who does not have my child’s best interests at heart? Red Flag Alert!

And can we also talk about how many different men we expose our children to?  We acting like a generation that has no morals. Tonight it is Sam, tomorrow it is Paul, by the end of the week, five men have seen our homes and our children. STOP IT, YOU ARE BIG AND A PARENT! And if it is really about the coochie, buy yourself toys, and sort yourself out! Damn!

Our children see what we do and think it is right and thus the cycle continues.  Let us respect ourselves and have honest and candid conversations with ourselves, and be the woman you were raised to be.

Be brave!

Make the right decision. Don’t compromise on God or your children.



‘’Curvy Scorpio’’


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